Alt-Right Morality: Eight Axioms

Thanks to the growing media presence of the Alt Right / White Identitarian movement, its prospects for exerting influence in the world are continuously increasing. Only one thing is needed for the Alt-Right to accelerate its progress by an order of magnitude: an unassailable, widely accepted moral foundation, which will make the movement more appealing to innumerable people.

Without this foundation, which is largely derived from commonly held religious and ethical principles, the growth of the Alt-Right will be impeded by infighting and reactions to sentiments that stem more from animosity than from self-respect. The following axioms, if accepted, will provide the moral bedrock required to steady the movement and ensure its victory:

  • The different races were created by God, and their members have human intellects and free will. In this sense, all people have dignity from God.

  • In the absence of evidence to the contrary, we assume that God wants his major works to survive, and these include the White race and all other races. Our desire to see our people preserved should be considered in this light.

  • The interests of the White race are as legitimate as those of other races, and we have the right to assert this conviction and reflect it in our aspirations.

  • We do not worship our race or make it the overriding criterion for every decision. We also believe that all groups, including our own, should be subject to fair criticism, but we repudiate attempts to understate the cultural, philosophical, and scientific achievements of the White race, and all one-sidedly negative portrayals of our history.

  • People tend to feel most comfortable among those who remind them of themselves. We recognize that race is not the sole basis on which people can feel a strong affiliation with each other, but believe it is a significant basis nonetheless. Policies and laws that attribute to malice all manifestations of this tendency inevitably lead to ruin.

  • Attachment to particular territory probably is a natural human trait, and the desire not to be displaced from or deprived of control over one’s own land almost certainly stems from it.

  • Truth and precision in communication are essential for collaboration. Falsehoods and exaggerations undermine the credibility of assertions and kill social movements.

  • We listen to our consciences, because no advocate is more formidable than one who is confident of the uprightness of his views and words.