America Should Be Like Mexico

Just because America is the best goddamn place in the universe doesn't mean it's perfect or that there's nothing anyone else does better than us. For example, let's look at how immigration law works in Mexico:

  1. If you are a poorfag, you can't come in. Mexico has enough poorfags already, thanks.

  2. If you marry a foreigner, the green card takes less than 30 days to get and basically amounts to a criminal background check and verifying the veracity of your marriage documents (it takes 1-2 years to get it in the USA). The green card is good for 3 years and must be renewed.

  3. If you are caught being illegal, they beat you, put you in a sack, and dump you in Guatemala. They deport about 100K illegals every year. The minute they confirm your identity, they deport you. There is no appeal. There is no asylum. You're an illegal? Neat, go fuck yourself.

  4. If you try to influence politics, which includes bitching about the government or protesting because you don't get enough gibsmedat, you are going right the fuck home. If you commit a crime, you are going right the fuck home. If you came on a marriage visa and get divorced, you are going right the fuck home. If you came on a work visa and lose your job, you are going right the fuck home. Basically, if you aren't there to contribute, you can fucking go home because fuck you.

  5. Entering Mexico illegally is a felony (it is a misdemeanor in the USA).

  6. Mexico's southern border is heavily policed. There are 5000 police for a border of less than 600 miles.

  7. Any foreign national who acquires Mexican citizenship and later demonstrates loyalty to a foreign state or presents himself as a foreigner is stripped of his citizenship and sent the fuck home.

  8. Even if you're trying to get asylum legally, they give it to fewer than 300 people a year, so good luck building that clock in Tijuana, Ahmed.

Ay yi yi, that's a sane border policy! Of course, Mexico's government is trying to get our government to open our borders so all their poorfags leave there and come here, but maybe we should do as they do and not as they say. When it comes to border control, we need to make America more like Mexico.

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