Fash Britannia Episode 3: Crusader LARP

Cathedral Princess, Welga Sigor and Oswald Powell are joined by Arthur and Catholic Pleb to talk Christianity in the UK, update listeners on the Great Invasion and try to unravel the Muslamic Question.

00:00:00 Intro
Serious podcasting
00:00:45 Catholicism and SSPX
00:14:33 Liberation Theology
00:22:54 Millennial Theology and Progressives
00:30:18 The Cuck of England
Audio shitposting
00:42:36 Updates on the Great Invasion
01:00:00 Guns and Fashy Brits interlude
01:03:42 Dindus and the MQ


The Great Invasion:

The MQ and dindus: