SWPLs and Internalizing De Facto White Supremacy

When I was a young teenager, maybe 13 years old, my family took a great vacation driving through the American Mountain West. Having grown up in the Northeast, I was awed by the natural beauty of the region, but the people were different, too. On our way through someplace in Montana, we stopped at McDonalds because we wanted to get indigestion, I guess. Behind the counter were all rosy-cheeked and mainly blond White teenagers. They were friendly and actually seemed like they wanted to help the customer, but I found the combination of their physical familiarity and genuine good nature quite odd, if not jarring, under those circumstances. Even my mom made a remark on the way out how nice and unusual it seemed to have friendly White kids working at a fast food place.

It’s pretty silly that this would make me uncomfortable, but in retrospect this is a striking example of how I had internalized the present situation of de facto White supremacy. In my northeastern, semi-urban, oven middle class bubble, I had simply never encountered White kids roughly my own age working this type of job, to the point that it didn’t even seem possible that that was a thing. Sure, there were some avenues open for White teenagers to get low-paying work, but the traditional workaday minimum wage jobs such as fast food were completely Black or brown. That type of work was, or should have been, just for “those people”...right?

I think most of us at TRS can understand that an oven-middle-class family that earns much more than the median income and shunts off their child care, latte-making, food preparation, landscaping, and home repair on low-cost Mexicans, while paying their taxes to support a permanent underclass of Blacks, can be seen as the living embodiment of White supremacy, no matter how much they shill for amnesty, higher minimum wage, etc. They are the perpetuators of the status quo, in which Whites are supreme in their ability to generate wealth, leverage that wealth to benefit from a pool of unskilled non-White labor, and have enough left over to throw bread to the grasping hordes through their sense of noblesse oblige.

Let’s take that as read. What concerns me more at the moment is the other side of the coin, in which younger millennial urban SWPLs, who may not even belong to the highest income brackets, exist within this de facto White supremacist paradigm. When I think about the future they want, I don’t think it’s the multicultural Benneton ad they may claim. In reality, I think they really want a multiracial caste system in which their SWPLy brand of “culture” can continue to perpetuate for their group.

Social and economic stratification is a common feature of multicultural societies, not an exception, and the US is already well on its way down that path. The prevalence of Indians running small motel chains is a small but demonstrative example of this stratification. Thomas Sowell often cites the divergent social and economic stations for ethnic Malays and Han Chinese in Malaysia. Another notable example is the overrepresentation of certain other groups in higher-profile professions such as finance and law.

Point being, the modern SWPL wants to live in a society where he can tap the screen of his smartphone and a Toyota Prius driven by a Somali who just got here last week will show up to whisk him off to his destination for a few bucks—no matter if the guy earns a living wage, Uber says it’s OK and I totally know a dude who works over there and they have ping pong in the office! He wants to sample diverse and savory fusion cuisine prepared by dirt-poor border-jumpers—who cares if they live ten to a room, these pork belly skewers are bomb, yo.

Whether he knows it or not he is benefiting from the same de facto White supremacy of his suburban parents, with the exception that they at least remember a time when Whites worked those types of jobs, and quite probably worked some shitty jobs themselves. But a few more taps on the smartphone about #BlackLivesMatter and he can signal away whatever White guilt he might have about noticing this racial compartmentalization. For all his preening about equality, how can a person who has lived their whole life seeing certain ethnic groups tied to low-status social positions ever see them as equals?

As someone who has had at least one foot firmly planted in SWPLdom, I can say that dissonance occurs when one encounters fellow Whites who occupy the perceived lower caste rungs. At the risk of turning this post into a shill for “muh working-class Whites,” I’ll say that it tends to be easier to marginalize and ignore people in lower-status positions when they are so obviously different, hence my uncomfortable encounter with the White McDonalds employees of Montana. Whereas low wage, and especially non-English-speaking, non-Whites can be seen as an alien "other" with whom your interaction can be totally transactional, other Whites demand to be reckoned with on more equal footing.

Maybe this is why the UK elite have been so eager to ram down the accelerator on immigration—they’ll no longer have to be face-to-face with the despised native working-class Britons when they’ve replaced them with Third-World lumpenproles. In the same way, the SWPL maligns rednecks and other low-status Whites with the zeal of a fanatic.

What are non-SWPL Whites to do, if they cannot conform to the de facto SWPL supremacist America? Best to get on with it and die already, or else throw in their lot with the non-White underclass by intermarriage, so as to better exploit SWPL-approved rent-seeking behavior or low-caste drudgery for the next generation. The fact that the nice brown guys making his falafel wrap and jabbering back and forth are actually making fun of his gay haircut, and are leering a little too hard at his girlfriend, is of no concern. They are the "other", and their behavior can be unconsciously ignored so long as they play their assigned role. When the falafel guys begin to resent their station of prolonged servitude to a class of White people they (with some accuracy) see as effeminate and degenerate? Eh, don’t worry about it, bro; it’s all good.

This multi-racial caste system is not the society we should strive for—quite the opposite—and it demonstrates why debates over teachers' unions, minimum wage, pensions, etc. are essentially non-starters from our perspective. We should want and encourage movement of Whites up, down, and laterally across the economic spectrum. Currently our elites are quite happy with a multi-racial society where different ethnic groups—because of ability, preference, or just plain inertia—nucleate around their respective nodes within an increasingly atomized, stratified, caste-ified society, as long as those elites can continue to benefit from an endless well of sub-market labor. It’s only natural that under these conditions Whites will try to advance the same type of identity politics that other groups have, and this is one of the more compelling arguments of TRS.

However, we can imagine that Whites will continue to constitute an increasingly small core of productive high earners in an increasingly small number of elite professions. If that core continues to adopt a SWPLy culture, we might well expect to encounter more resentment, finger-pointing, contempt, and even violence among the growing ranks of the “other” who are encouraged by the selfsame SWPLs to cling to their identity and exist in a state of permanent apartness and victimhood.

Such a situation should not be our ideal. It’s true that equality of outcome is a pipe dream, but we should strive for the equality that comes from recognizing that the kid flipping your burger or swinging a hammer is just like you, or a younger version of you, or your son, and that not only does he deserve respect and a chance to earn money, but that he may well be performing heart surgery on you in a few decades. It also follows that directionless young Whites should have the opportunity to gain work experience in low-status occupations that are either closed off to them or are seen as the territory of a lower caste. I doubt those kids in Montana are still flipping burgers. My guess is that they may not have cured cancer, but they have families and are mostly productive members of society. Maybe some stuck around and became managers, but so what? There are worse and less honorable ways to make a living. So, shitlords of TRS, I say: check your privilege. Reject the narrative of de facto White supremacy and strive to build true communities.