Fash The Nation Week 9

Jazzhands McFeels and Marcus Halberstram are joined this week by Nathan Damigo, Vice Chairman of the National Youth Front, Mark Bidwell, seasoned veteran of the Alt Right, along with DC Insider and TRSwaggot, Paul Washington to offer their perspective on national politics, NPI, and a variety of other triggering topics in the critically acclaimed Sunday Morning Shitlord News Show format.

0:00 Intro
2:00 NPI White Identity Art Contest Winner
4:30 Nathan Damigo and the National Youth Front
28:00 Welcoming of Fash Britannia and the Scotland Referendum
35:00 The Race for Speaker and Presidential Primary Contest
57:00 Trump's Rules for Alpha Males
1:02:00 The Middle East
1:17:00 Upcoming SCOTUS case on Affirmative Action
1:27:00 Mark Bidwell on NPI
1:31:00 How We All Got Here
1:55:00 White Identity Movement
2:00:00 The Europa Report
2:05:00 The Red Pilling of Gen Pop
2:09:00 Immigration

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