Body Integrity Identity Disorder: Pop It in the Oven

Warning: Triggering as fuck.

Most of you reading this are probably productive citizens, either pursuing an education in a socially useful subject, or using your Huwhyte agency to go to work in the morning, raise a productive family, pursue socially acceptable hobbies and generally create positive externalities wherever you go.

As TRS's Official Token CrippleTM I have bad news for you goys. BIID is a thing and it is yet another scheme for useless crazy people to take your money, destroy the social capital of society, and gain status-seeking points all at the same time. You are probably thinking: Furnaceman, WTF is BIID and what sort of nefarious Heeb scheme is it?

BIID is short for Body Integrity Identity Disorder, a special variety of crazy where otherwise healthy people fantasize about becoming a cripple. Normal people are supposed to enable people permanently maiming themselves for feelgoods and permanent victim status, because special snowflake. You know, like trannies—except for arms, legs, spinal cords, and, in a particularly special case, eyes.

Jewel Shuping is an obese mentally ill woman who deliberately blinded herself with drain cleaner several years ago. She had fantasized about being blind since she was a child, even going so far as to learn how to use braille. Look, if she wanted to LARP as a person who reads slowly and with great difficulty and requires massive accommodation from the rest of society, she could have just pretended to be a negro like Racheal Dolezal. But BIID people are even more narcissistic and oven worthy than trannies, so Jewel went to a (((psychologist))) for two whole weeks before he “helped” her by pouring drain cleaner into her eyes. Never mind the blatant violation to the Hippocratic oath; let's examine this a little further.

While I think Bruce Jenner is a mentally ill narcissistic whackjob, him wearing a dress and getting a pair of bolt-ons doesn't actually impair his ability to act like a freak on TV, which has been his sole dubious useful activity for many years now. Trannies are mentally ill narcissists, but calling yourself Brianna doesn't actually change your ability to be useless and rent seek about cyberviolence. Zoey can still pilot the helicopter, and to be honest, the Hollywood sleazy lawyer Jew vs. the dude in a dress is a pretty tough call on who to root for.

Now that I've shitposted for four paragraphs, here is why BIID is even worse than trannies, and all persons claiming to have it should either be carted off to a mental facility or put in the oven.

There is nothing good about being disabled, crippled, gimpy or otherwise broken. Positive side effects might come out of being or becoming disabled, such as compassion for others, increased personal determination to accomplish goals despite increased obstacles, or a ZFG attitude towards PC bullshit. Being disabled, by definition, means that you are less able than a normal person: less capable of taking care of yourself personally, less capable of earning a living to support yourself, less capable of taking care of family, in need of continuous accommodation by others around you.

Everyone imposes costs on everyone else throughout the day, but generally speaking, they even out and people go on with their lives. Disabled people impose unrecoverable costs on other people all day long just by existing. Let us use the simple example of going to the grocery store. We take the best parking spaces, things that could otherwise go to higher bidders, or generally just accrue to the property owner. Once inside, we require larger aisle widths, depriving the store owner of sales space and indirectly driving up costs for everyone who shops at the store. We require special checkout lines, special carts, and assistance reaching items we can't get—special damn near everything.
Because White people are empathetic and community-minded, very few people mind helping out a disabled person. It's a relatively minor cost imposed on their day and they get the satisfaction of helping someone who genuinely needs it.

As someone receiving special help, it is incumbent upon you to have good manners when you receive that help. Letting your roommate borrow your cripple license plate so he can get a good parking spot at a concert is not kosher. Being rude to people who help you is unacceptable. Driving your wheelchair down the middle of a grocery aisle at high speed is a dick move.

Why should disabled people try and minimize the costs they impose on the rest of the population? Partly out of a Huwhyte sense of reciprocity and good manners. More important, though, is that the accommodations disabled people have been afforded since the ADA in 1990 are a very recent thing, made possible only by the fact that society was wealthy enough to afford them without really affecting the average person too much. In poor societies crippled people starve to death. Disabled people should not want to live in a poor society, because they will be the first to starve, die of disease, or otherwise have a much worse life.

If I may quote an email I wrote to Canadian Shitlord Kathy Shaidle back in 2012:

The nature of "special rights" laws tends to make the category "special" so broad as to be undefinable.

Prior to the ADA people with genuine disabilities (like me) were generally treated with solicitude by merchants when we encountered difficulty. Now no sane merchant wants anything to do with a difficult disabled customer for fear of some sort of lawsuit.

Genuinely disabled people like the blind, paralyzed, severely retarded etc. are not helped by wasting resources on the faux cripple. In fact the only people helped by our current state of affairs are the tax sucking bureaucrats, lawyers and “service” providers who are merely bilking the system. Another avenue of harm for these sorts of laws is the unwarranted self esteem it confers on the unworthy. The cold, hard truth is that many disabled people are marginal employees who aren't really helping the company they work for. If disabled people truly understood what their real value as an employee was, they would be much more likely to make the sorts of decisions that benefited them long term.

Artificially prop someone up long enough, and eventually they think they deserve to be on the top. People used to an unearned position won't be able to cope with the inevitable ending of the artificial support. The crash will be much harder than it would have been without the support.

Which gets me back to Jewel Shuping. This woman is single, obese, and blind. The odds of her supporting herself in some sort of productive labor are zero. She deliberately made herself a burden on society because her feels are so important that she gets to parasite off of you goys for the rest of her life.

She needs the oven. While the story is old, the sheer malignant narcissism on display is breathtaking in it's scope and audacity. YOU FUCKING BITCH, BEING CRIPPLED ISN'T A GOOD THING.

Because we are shitlords, we notice things. I'd bet the rent money that Jewel Shuping was an obese heffalump before she was blind, and Chloe Jennings-White looks like a sack of hammers. Does anybody think that skinny hot chicks get BIID anywhere near as often as ugly poor ones?

Ultimately ugly women mutilating themselves with acid or knives instead of doughnuts isn’t about some fucked up thing in their brain, it's about useless idiots trying to rent-seek because muh special snowflake and muh feels.

Being crippled blows. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I wasn’t disabled, but if I could somehow change it, I would. Not for any deep reason but because I like being better than I am now. By definition, being able is better than not being able—no matter what delusional fat chicks think.