Bruce Jenner: Still Too Privileged For Tim Wise

Bruce Jenner is not being charged with vehicular manslaughter. Professional SJW agitator Tim Wise had this to say:

Not pictured: Anyone who shouldn't be ovened.

That's right, you can get fake tits and force everyone to applaud your "bravery," but if you're white, you're still fair game if some smarmy Jew wants to use you as a public whipping boy(?).

Now, isn't this weird? I mean, it's not like Tim Wise is a poor black transsexual Muslim immigrant. So why does he get to be the public face of social justice? Why doesn't he have to shut up and let marginalized POCs do the talking?

In the world of identity politics, it's often believed that what matters is who you are. This is false. You can in fact be black, atheist, liberal, feminist immigrant who grew up dirt poor, and your identity can still win you exactly zero points.


Come to think of it, you could be a middle-class white dude whose greatest struggle was getting turned down by your first choice for prom, and you can still be the face of the black struggle in America.

How do you do, fellow black people?

See, what actually matters is who gets to decide if your identity counts. If you're trying to rent-seek off your victim identity, you need the patronage of someone else. You need that someone else to give you the Official Seal of Victimhood, or you get nothing. They privilege you with victim status if it helps their political ends, and strip it from you if it doesn't. That is the only criterion by which your identity as a "victim" is determined.

It's a total farce. If you're still trying to win their approval ("I have a black friend!"), just stop. You'll never get it. All you get when you signal that you need their approval is the go-ahead for them to break you.

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