Movie Review: Trainwreck

In short, Trainwreck is a daydream fantasy for used up sluts. The main character, Amy, played by (((Amy Schumer)))) is just such a used up slut. She is your basic catlady, a liberal single woman in Jew York riding the cock carousel, writing for a liberal rag magazine. She has reached that time in any whore's life where she begins to feel her sexual market value (SMV) decline, and at this point she begins to search desperately for a beta male who will provide her with resources as she approaches haghood. Her only alternative is to slide further into catlady-dom, only able to score cock from males who's status is declining in direct proportion to her SMV's decline.

The fantasy aspect of the movie is that our heroine chooses to settle down with the beta provider for love, rather than necessity. This fantasy is fairly standard for catladies in her position, because the alternative is to deal with the reality that she is a whore who has decided to stop chasing the golden cock and settle for the golden parachute. In this fantasy, this used-up slut catlady lands a famous and successful doctor (any Jew catlady's dream, amiright?) who cares not how many disease ridden cocks have been rammed through her flabby vagina. He cares not that her fleeting fertile breeding years were spent using men as walking dildos while she invested in her career. He, like any good beta provider, is happy to have a sarcastic alcoholic slut for his bride, with zero chance of passing his beta genes on to the next generation. She is basically owed this decent golden parachute by society, because she has been a faithful servant of Moloch.

After some hemming and hawing and fence-sitting, our slutty catlady loses her job. This financial blow is the final straw needed to impel her into the waiting arms of her beta provider. After all, she can continue to cheat on him after she is married, and blame her infidelities on some shortcoming or other that she will invent to assuage her hamster that she is still a good person. What's to lose? And that's Trainweck.

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