A Message to Republican Primary Voters

This is a message to Republican primary voters who are considering voting for someone other than Ted Cruz or Donald Trump. This post is not directed at the alt-right, but at GOP primary voters.

Hispanics will kill the Republican Party and turn the US into Mexico

While Americans oppose gun control 53 to 45 overall, Hispanics support gun control 62% to 36%. More Hispanics means fewer gun rights.

While Americans support a smaller government by 48% to 41%, Hispanics support a bigger government 75% to 19%.

In the 2012 elections, Hispanics voted democrat 68% to 30%. In the 2010 midterms they voted democrat 60% to 38%, and in the 2014 midterms they voted democrat 62% to 36%.

Hispanics have also been trending slightly more democrat since 1972:

On Obamacare, Americans disapprove 53% to 41%, while Hispanics are split 47% to 47%.

Hispanics are also more likely to support hate speech laws 50% to 24%, while white Americans slightly oppose hate speech laws 41% to 37%.

Republicans have fallen for the myth of Hispanics as "natural conservatives" at least since Ronald Reagan, and arguably well before that.

For now, Hispanics don't reflect on why the US is better than Mexico, they aren't curious one bit about it, and they aren't learning.

If Hispanics come in and turn Texas blue, all of the stolid conservative policies of, say, a Chris Christie or Scott Walker will be OVER because the democrats will roll everything back.

If Rand Paul became president, sure, he would cut spending and taxes and make America better for a little while. But because he wouldn't build the wall, wouldn't deport, and wouldn't end anchor-babies, in 10 years everything he did would be wiped out by the Democrats, who would now win every election because Texas, Colorado, Nevada and Florida are all blue states.

For this reason, nothing else matters if the immigration issue is lost. If the GOP loses the immigration issue for 8 more years, the GOP will lose Florida, Colorado and Nevada permanently and will thus lose the presidency permanently.

Any Republican president MUST win on immigration or—quite simply and matter-of-factly—all will be lost.

It is your RIGHT to protect your country from foreign voters

Look, these people screwed up Mexico with Democrat party policies, and they want to come into YOUR country and screw it up too. Mexico doesn't have an anchor-baby law, Mexico doesn't let illegals from other countries come in and get free schools, free healthcare, and free food stamps, and they wouldn't lift a finger for you if you were the one in need.

They don't care that mass immigration of Mexicans to the US makes your life worse, or that it makes your children's life worse. They don't care that they're bankrupting the states that they're in and consigning future generations of Americans to poverty, unemployment and welfare.

But you're supposed to care about them or else you are a racist? Look at what they're doing! The only thing pitiable about them is that they are POOR; in every other aspect, they're jerks.

We can't deport white liberals (oh, how I would love to), because technically they are US Citizens. But we CAN deport the illegals, we have a moral and legal right to do so, and they do have their own countries to go back to.

If their countries are overpopulated—whose fault is that? We can't just take in millions of people just because they have too many kids; we can't be rewarding countries for overpopulating by giving their surplus population US jobs and benefits.

Three things to solve immigration

The three things we need to do for immigration are the wall, deportations, and ending anchor babies. The wall keeps new ones from coming in, deportations remove the illegals that are here, and ending anchor babies prevents the illegals from making Democrat/Mexico voters.

The wall

The US-Mexico border is only 7.2 times the length of the wall Israel has already built with Palestine, and the US economy is 58 times that of Israel.

Their wall cost $2.6 billion. To build a wall like the Israel-Palestine wall with the entire border of Mexico would probably cost $18.72 billion. This would be roughly one half of one percent of the current US Federal Budget.

Even if we were 10 times more wasteful than the Israelis, our wall would cost 5% of the Federal budget for one year to build.

Carly Fiorina, who wants to increase military spending by around $500 billion, claims that border walls aren't effective and are just too expensive. In reality, Israel has reduced terrorist deaths from 220 in 2002 to 3 in 2007—just from building part of the wall. Bulgaria's wall with Turkey has reduced illegal immigration by 95%.

While the Berlin wall kept people in instead of out, it's also an example of a wall keeping people from moving that worked extremely well. Walls work.

Fiorina probably heard stories of people digging tunnels or building really tall ladders, and heard the Republican establishment refrain that "walls don't work" and so now believes it—because that's how she forms beliefs.

She's one of these people that just sort of hears what people are saying and believes it. She has no business leading anything.


At first glance, deporting 30 million illegals may seem impossible, but it has been done before on a smaller scale.

Trump's opponents claimed that it would cost "hundreds of billions of dollars".

Meanwhile, in reality, the US was able to deport over 1 million illegals in one year with just 750 agents given the authority to do so in Operation Wetback.

If we put out 75,000 agents (100 times the number in Wetback), plus created citizenship requirements to get welfare, get a job (e-verify), get a phone, get a place to rent, or go to school, and did this for several years—deporting 30 million illegals seems very realistic.

Like with the wall, it may seem impossible if you give it a dumb fact-free glance, but when you analyze it, look at history, and break it down, both the wall and mass deportations appear very doable, and for the wall downright trivial.

Anchor Babies

There has never been a Supreme Court ruling on the anchor-baby laws that supposedly come from the 14th Amendment. Congress—including Republican-controlled congresses—just assumed it was the case.

The 14th Amendment was written to give black slaves US citizenship after the Civil War. Do you truly believe that the writers of the 14th Amendment in 1868, right after the Civil War and which was first applied to black ex-slaves, meant for Mexicans to cross the border 9 months pregnant, have a kid, and then claim US citizenship for that kid?

Such an idea is laughable, and changing the law would not require a constitutional amendment, just some balls on the part of the Republicans.

The Immigration TRUMP

This is what separates Donald Trump from all of the other candidates. Immigration is his signature issue. Donald Trump ran after reading Ann Coulter's book Adios America—and he read the pre-release version that was 200 pages longer and had all of her notes. He had also been talking to Michael Savage regularly, whose motto is "borders, language and culture", and the first thins he talked about when campaigning was immigration, and the first position paper he put out on his campaign site was on immigration.

Donald Trump is absolutely committed on immigration. Only Ted Cruz is comparable.

Any candidate who supports a "pathway to citizenship" is supporting a pathway to more Democrat voters. Sure, they'll pay a fine, have to go home and come back, and maybe it'll take them two years. But eventually, they become citizens and can vote Democrat. "Pathway to citizenship" is just delayed amnesty.

This delayed amnesty / permanent GOP defeat was supported by Carly Fiorina as recently as June of 2015, who also doesn't think a fence will work.

Given that several government agencies will work tirelessly to stop the fence—including the EPA—building the fence will be a FIGHT, and if the president is not absolutely committed to fighting to build the fence, it won't be built. Fiorina is NOT committed to a fence, saying,

"I mean, if that’s what it took to do it, I would do it, north or south. But I think technology has advanced to the point where it is far quicker, far less expensive, and actually far more effective to deploy technology."

She's babbling about a wall with Canada (the north), and about "high-tech" non-solutions—she simply doesn't care about the singular issue that will define what America will be for at least the next 100 years. Her brain is in the clouds.

Rand Paul publicly supported a pathway to citizenship in 2013, but says he's against it now, just in time for the primaries.

Scott Walker, of course, took 3 positions on anchor babies in 7 days. He supported a pathway to citizenship while Governor of Wisconsin but changed his stance in time for the primaries, while privately assuring his donors that he's still for open borders and amnesty.

Jeb Bush, who turned down Yale for Texas so that he could get a degree in Latin American Studies, married an Hispanic wife, learned Spanish and speaks Spanish in his home and identifies as Hispanic on the census, is... wait for it... not very strong on immigration. Shocking, I know. Bush is the #1 Mexico-First candidate; he's irrelevant.

Marco Rubio openly supports a pathway to citizenship (amnesty). I don't think anything else needs to be said about him.

Chris Christie has gone back and forth on the "pathway to citizenship", feeling out what positions he should take for the primary. Immigration is too important for a flip-flopper.

Ted Cruz has opposed a pathway to citizenship back in 2013, and [opposes it today],(http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/salute-donald-trump-immigration-says-cruz/) and has filibustered Obama's executive amnesty, which the GOP congress upheld. Ted Cruz is the only non-Trump candidate who might be trustworthy on immigration.

We Must win BOTH the Election and the Immigration Battle

Carly Fiorina will lose a general election. She was rated by CNBC as the 19th worst CEO of all time, and destroyed about half of the wealth of HP's investors, and brought the company below IBM and Dell—HP was able to pass IBM and Dell once Fiorina was replaced.

Yes, it was a bad time for the tech industry then, but HP did particularly bad because of Fiorina. In a general election, it will be a big issue.

Savannah Guthrie from NBC Today said it best about Fiorina's record:

“Is it a weakness that, if you go forward in this process, you are going to have to delve into that record over and over again and defend your tenure, since that is the primary experience on which you're running?”

Not that a Fiorina win would even be some great prize anyway.

She is obsessed with military spending, even though the US spends more than 3x more on the military than China, and China has the second largest military budget in the world after the US. But for Fiorina it's not enough. 3x the next country is not enough; we need to starve our schools, infrastructure, and job training programs even more so that our advantage in tanks vs. China can be even bigger and we can pick fights with Russia.

Why have Republican politicians allowed this to happen—allowed California to become a blue state, Florida, Nevada and Colorado to become a purple states, Texas to become less secure? Maybe they're in collusion with big business that wants cheap labor, maybe they're afraid of being called "racist", or maybe they still think they can win the Hispanic vote.

Huckabee thinks he's on some holy mission to help fellow "children of Christ", because apparently he thinks Jesus said that Christians should all be chumps and be taken advantage of.

Ann Coulter, who has spent years researching this, went back and forth and thought maybe there was some conspiracy going on—why weren't Republicans running on immigration when it's such a winning issue for them? But when she finished her book, she concluded that Republicans are just that shockingly stupid on immigration.

Trump will absolutely win a general election if nominated. He is likable and is a moderate conservative, and he fights when he gets attacked, and currently beats Clinton, Biden or Sanders in a general election. Moreover, he's been "weathered"—all his dirty laundry is out; he has nowhere to go but up.

His populist stances on trade and immigration, and emphasis on American jobs, help him get 25% of the black vote in one poll—something Republicans have been trying to get for generations.

To date, all of the Republican candidates have said they would deal with immigration, and they NEVER HAVE, not since Reagan. They make a deal for amnesty and then a wall, and always do the amnesty but never build the wall.

Just because a candidate says they will close the border doesn't mean anything. They lie and lie and lie and lie and lie.

The man who becomes president has to be willing to crawl across broken glass with a dagger in his teeth and scorn in his heart, for the FIGHT that will be necessary to build the wall, enlist the agents and deport the illegals, and strike down the anchor-baby law.

This is the only way to save the Republican Party and to save America.

It cannot be somebody who has, just in time for the primaries, become serious on immigration. It must be a proven, committed fighter on immigration.

Which all leads to the conclusion that there are TWO choices for president:

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Of those two, Trump has a much better chance of winning both the primary and general election. If Trump goes down hard and it seems like Ted Cruz is the better choice, then perhaps you should support Cruz. But right now it's Trump.

Anyone else is just a zombie candidate, just a joke, like somebody with water in their non-functioning brain. There's no brain behind their eyes, they see California go from Reagan country to permanent Democrat, and just sort of wisp around and prattle about family values and being strong on defense as the country literally becomes Mexified from the southern border up.

"Texas is becoming a blue state," you say, and they reply, "Uh huh, uh huh, let's talk about ISIS and islamic terrorists... remember 9/11, and oh, and those scoundrel teachers unions!", it's like there's not even a person there, but a hollow.

A vise is crushing us, breaking our bones and organs, and they're talking about the humidity.

We don't need a Republican who is "right" on all of the issues, we need a Republican who can do basic math and realize that if the people coming in don't vote GOP at least 51% of the time, they are an existential threat to the party and thus the country.

We need someone who sees the vise we are in and fights to get out!

Donald Trump or Ted Cruz—that's it! Every other candidate is utterly useless and irrelevant and will send the Republican Party, and thus America, to perdition.

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