Fash The Nation Week 6

This week Pope Francis declares solidarity with the natural conservatives down south, the GOP shows further signs of cracking up, Trump avoids the Kebab grill, and this podcast comes in MP3 format with a new lawsuit-dodging logo. Featuring TRS guest star Death.

0:00 Announcements
2:00 GOP Debate and Polling
18:00 Trump’s Enemies on the Right and GOP Undoing
27:00 Trump’s Muslim Dust-Up
29:30 Rules for GOP Nominating Process to Benefit Trump
37:00 University of California Shoah
43:00 David and Nancy French
46:00 Victimhood Study
52:00 Democrat Race
1:04:00 Europa Report
1:11:00 Ahmed Einstein
1:13:00 Natural Conservatives
1:18:00 Pope Francis

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