A Swedish Perspective on the Migrant Crisis

The present European migration crisis bodes ill for Western Civilization. However, the alt-right’s response to the crisis has been overblown in important ways. It is essential that the alt-right maintain credibility; thus we must judiciously police our analysis of current events, calling each other to account when our analysis becomes unreasonable (as post-libertarians, many of us are prone to this). It is in this spirit that I offer the following rebuttals to alt-right positions I’ve seen on Twitter and heard on the Daily Shoah podcast.

My fatherland, Sweden, has been subject to an ever-hastening pace of Third-World immigration for some fifteen years. The flow of the benighted masses increased markedly following the U.S. invasion of Iraq and the rise of the Zionist-funded Islamic State. The manifest failures of Sweden’s immigration policy have oddly resulted in a doubling down by establishment politicians, resulting in a net immigration rate higher than that of the U.S. during the record period of the 1880s.

Sweden is well ahead of Germany in terms of Islamic immigration and the Swedish experience leads me to believe that Germany will not see any immediate upheavals. For as grim as Sweden’s demographic future may look, the country remains prosperous and remarkably safe—“There is a great deal of ruin in a nation”. To put things in perspective, Germany’s proportion of immigrants from the Middle East and Africa is roughly an eighth of that of Sweden.

The notion that the present hordes of unibrowed Syrian men will hoist Islam’s black banner over German hamlets is absurd. A more likely outcome is that they will live off welfare and menial labor by day, and stalk, scowling, around the periphery of nightclub dance floors by night, denied the German blonde’s they were promised.

Someone will surely be doing the raping in Germany in 2016 and beyond. I’m not saying this isn’t a disaster, but the pain will be spread over time, across government budgets and crime statistics. There won’t be a sudden reckoning, and surely the German police, experienced fighting anarchists in yearly May Day riots, will be suited to containing future Muslim protests.

Indeed, there already are European neighborhoods where the black flag has been de facto hoisted. Parts of Paris, Malmö, Brussels and other cities are strict no-go zones for police, yet France, Sweden and Belgium still function at a high level. Detroit serves an an American analogy, Western Civilization has essentially retreated from what was once a top American city, yet America outside Detroit and a few other pockets of African misery is still more or less alright.

The proper way to view the migration crisis is as an abrupt, disorderly acceleration in the Eurabia colonization project which has been ongoing in Europe since at least the 1980s. American alt-right commentators forget that Western European countries have had IS fighters returning for some two years now.
A common theme I see is that these migrants aren’t true refugees. The evidence used to support this position seems to be that the migrants have smart phones and Adidas track pants. Implicit in this seems to be the idea that true refugees would be emaciated, possibly leading horse drawn wagons. There certainly is evidence these migrants are more interested in German handouts than in refuge from war, but cheap niggertech from China isn’t it.

The real danger is that this migration process continue unchecked. Should a meaningful fraction of the unhappy masses in Egypt uproot and head for Germany, then a true clash might not be far off; that hasn’t happened yet though, and it is irresponsible to make overly grim forecasts. The migration crisis is bad, triggering, possibly even a minor disaster, but at present it is a manageable event. When we spout off about gloom and doom to come, we look like the Austrian tinfoil-hat nutter, warning about the dollar collapse and massive recession that just never seem to come. Europe is in trouble, but civil war with Islamic elements is hardly imminent.

This article was the joint effort of Trumpenprole (@Trumpenprole) and Giovanni Giustiniani (@giustiniani1453).