Situation's Grave, Dave: Britain has Turned on the European Union

In a move that surprised absolutely nobody except David Cameron, on Sunday the 6th of September 51% of the British public came out in support of leaving the European Union. Years of forced immigration, forced bailouts of Greece and other struggling nations, and Brussels continuously overruling British law have seen Euroscepticism rise from a hushed whisper to a scream of fury, and it's only getting louder.

The fact that Mr. Cameron, Prime Minister and leader of the British Cuckservative party is surprised by this shows either wilful ignorance or sheer stupidity. His recent re-election success was in part due to his promise of an “In/Out” referendum, and the unrest generated over this issue caused the honestly moderate right-Eurosceptic United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) to receive the highest voter percentage in the election. However, due to the traditional regionalised system of election, this gained them only a single seat...

...and you thought Bush's election in 2000 was dodgy?

Cameron is unabashedly pro-EU and sincerely believes that not only can he secure meaningful reforms for the Union that will benefit the British people, but also that inclusion in the oddly-curved-banana-fearing (seriously, read the opening linked article) political cabal of self-interested foreign businessmen, many of them echoing like an old cathedral, will help Britain prosper—because in David's mind, the EU is a symbol of unity.

Yeah, Dave—tell that to the people of Hungary, who in an inspiring act of defiance have deployed their military to defend their border from the migrant hordes. Maybe we could look at Poland, who think you to be so backwards that they have vowed to block any of your reform ideas? How about countries like Italy, Greece, and even our jolly green neighbours Ireland, who have had their economies ripped to shreds due to mismanagement by EU-backed governments?

Simple fact is, the experiment has failed. Unrest is growing across Europe, as seen by the ever-increasing rise of the alternative right in Scandinavia, Greece and a good amount of countries in eastern Europe. There's a reaction to the recent wave of Syrian “refugees” that ISIS have claimed is part of an infiltration plan. Europe is headed for a war with the Islamic State and the EU compliance in their movement will only hasten that.

The one thing I can give the EU is that at least it has been consistent in its socialist stupidity—so much so that it has backed itself into a corner with its own policies and I feel it's now a case of “when”, rather than “if”, the Union collapses.