What You're Feeling About Europe is OK

If I may indulge in LARPY rhetoric for a second: we in the alt-right fight monsters. Seriously, we do. Comparing progressive ideas with a metaphorical demonic god that demands human sacrifice is really quite accurate. These people are evil and loathsome, they really are sacrificing innocent human lives. The rape of 1400 children and the following cover-up by the authorities in Rotherham are testament to how vile the people we are fighting with are.

Eleven year old Rotherham victim

We are looking at what's going on and the hooked nose behind the curtain. We are looking into this abyss...and it turns out that old Freddy N. was right about it looking back into you. So of course this changes you, and you start thinking and wishing terrible things on seemingly innocent people. Yes goyim, seeing what's going on and wishing that every single Austrian that showed up to that train station to clap for their invaders gets their entire family raped, is OK given what we know is going on.

It's OK, because we know nothing short of that would make such utterly cucked people wake up. You're not really wishing them harm—even when your feelings and wishes seem to be soaked in pure rage—because you're not an actual monster, you are just fighting one.

If you knew that a person you love had contracted some deathly disease that can only be fixed with an incredible painful surgery, you wish them the temporal pain of surgery to avoid the more damaging long term consequences of the disease. And so it is with Europe and what you're feeling.

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