Liberty and Ethnicity

This is a common sentiment among conservatives. Prominent conservatives have been scolding the alt-right with one variation or another since the #cuckservative hashtag first appeared.

It also happens to be one I share.

Unfortunately, it is also a sentiment that amounts to little more than an abstract platitude. In a world where ethnicity is a real thing, it doesn't matter. The key difference between me and a mainstream conservative is that I am keenly aware that if you aren't white, the odds of you sharing my values is tiny, and I refuse to pretend I don't know that.

And isn't that nice! Conservatives genuinely believe in meritocracy. They're not fooling. They really would like to live in a society where we all believe in capitalism, Christianity, monogamy, and the rule of law, and otherwise didn't worry too much about anyone's geographic origin. I have to admit, that sort of place would be nice to live.

The problem is this sort of ideal is completely utopian. Let's imagine for just a moment that all traits of habit, intellect, and behavior are spread homogeneously across the globe. This is false, of course, but let's indulge the egalitarian fantasy that "race is only skin deep" for a moment.

The fact is that if two groups of people have very different physical features, the only way this is possible is if they haven't socialized much over the last few centuries. Whatever delusions people hold about IQ, no one pretends skin color isn't heritable. And if two peoples haven't socialized, it means their values, morals, social norms, and ethics have evolved in relative isolation from each other.

In other words, assuming that someone who doesn't look like you doesn't think like you is simply playing the odds. We cannot a priori expect that any culture outside of Western Europe produces significant numbers of people who are amenable to freedom in a law-based republic.

Liberty, the rule law, respect for the commons, society over tribe, and monogamy are cultural values. They are values that all American patriots hold dear, not because they've been empirically proven or rationally derived, but because they are the context in which we have been raised, the morals woven into the story of our nation, and the principles guiding our interactions since childhood. These values are ethnic values, evolving from the Rights of Englishmen and other ideals in an arc stretching back to before the fall of Rome.

Yes, they are values that can be shared (the non-white conservatives that Republicans trot out every election aren't faking it, mostly), but they are values that most of the world doesn't share. The fact that the world doesn't share them is why the world is a dangerous place. The fact that they are ethnic values is why the "multi-ethnic society" is a fantasy; Arab tribalism and Hispanic socialism cannot coexist with our values.

This is why mass Islamic immigration into Europe and mass Hispanic immigration into America mean the end of any semblance of classical liberal ideals. Values are, for the most part, not transmitted to adults via election season ads. They are transmitted throughout the formation of someone's life. Ethnicity is far more than physical appearance, as we are discovering via the blueing of Texas.

Hispanics come to America having had their whole moral outlook formed by low-trust socialism. That, not "outreach failure," is why they do not and will not vote Republican. They have not been "fooled" by Democrat "race-baiting." They vote Democrat because the Democrat Party's socialist platform resonates on a fundamental level with who they are as a people. The GOP cannot win the Hispanic vote because ethnic Hispanics are not American conservatives.

A sane party would care about the health of the ethnic group that produced the values it's founded on, but the GOP does not. A sane party would be wary of surging numbers of migrants from cultures hostile to everything it stands for, but the GOP is not. A sane party would be deeply suspicious of the opposition's stated plans to reshape the country's demographics, but the GOP is not.

As a result, colorblind conservatives are going to lose everything. When America becomes a Hispanic country, it will irretrievably become a socialist country.

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