Surviving Academia: A Guide For Goys

Hey goys. Since I have been asked on a number of occasions how I manage to keep my cool in college while dropping the occasional fash bomb without suffering any real consequences, I thought I ought to publish something on this topic. The academic life can be grueling for many naughty goys. Even in red states, the masturbatory dildoisms are inescapable; 72 percent of those teaching at American universities and colleges are liberal. This liberal-to-conservative ratio only worsens with the more prestige the university has. Basically, you're going to have to deal with dildos one way or another, and the deeper you go, the deeper the dildo plunges.

So how does a fellow traveler go through academic life without going insane? Hopefully what I write here will assist you through your courses, help you find ways to turn it to your advantage, allow you to have fun, or at the very least calm you down a bit.

1. Know that this is not a prison, but an educational trip to the zoo.

Do not view your time in dildotopia as sentences, but as a trip to your local SWPL zoo. Here, you get to observe these fascinating creatures in action, all concentrated into one building. Observe them. Learn from them. Understand their mindset. When extreme dildo activities are taking place, do not avoid them. Go out of your way to observe them. Here the dildo think-tank is fresh, and you ought not to waste the opportunity to analyze the minds of your local cucks.

2. Do not interrupt your teacher.

When the dildos fly, let them fly, and observe. Something interesting I noticed is how far down the dildo-hole liberal teachers will go when nobody is voicing disagreement. Hiding your power level in this kind of situation is the hardest thing to do for many fashy goys. Many of you who absolutely feel the need to voice your disagreement, please do it when class is over. Talk to your teacher privately about it. If instead you feel the need to protest the material because you're worried about the other students digesting the garbage and want them to hear a voice of disapproval, know it's your voice against the instructor. Look, most students already don't give a shit about the classes they're attending. Don't worry too much about it. Just observe the zoo.

3. When given the proper opportunity to voice your opinion, do so with universalist language.

The dildos are not stupid. They know what you are communicating under your thinly veiled language. The dildos are also fully aware that you, as a naughty goy, would be in serious trouble if you fashed hard enough. To deliver code-worded fash soup in a snarky tone reaps endless lulz from the more sensitive dildos. When you respond to affirmative action drivel with "the most qualified person should receive the position," they know you're speaking about white people. When you ask if people should have the right to protect their identity, they know you're talking about white people. Do not use stupid language. Most importantly, never mention race until the dildos mention it first (which they ultimately will at some point).

Economics are the only topic you're allowed to really fash out hard on, so I would recommend taking your Mises knowledge with you to sociology and philosophy. It can be a load of fun. It sure was fun for me when an old philosophy teacher of mine (master's in economic philosophy) had never even heard of time-preference. That was a fun day.

4. When asked loaded questions, respond with comedic snark.

"So little goy, what did you like most about the civil rights movement? " "How everything was in black and white. On television I mean."

"Why do you think the United States adores MLK?" "He was a good chef."

"Why was Obama's victory such an important cultural revolution for the USA?" "Because his rap albums were pretty good."

You get the picture.

5. Smile, you dingus.

It's just school. If your time there is miserable, you really only have yourself to blame. College is a fucking joke, so learn to laugh.

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