The Real Migrant Crisis

Anybody on TRS or watching their Jewgle News feed lately has read about the current “migrant crisis.” Hordes of muddy people of various shades have been flowing into Western countries for the past few decades, but most recently the muds in distress have been from Syria (well, maybe). These poor creatures are fleeing war in Syria across multiple countries with no war to get to the safety and refuge of the unlimited benefits and lack of legal consequences for any of their actions that they can find in Germany, Britain, Sweden, and other cucktries. Of course, the most significant headline I’m sure you’ve seen is about poor little Aylan Kurdi, the 3-year-old toddler and son of a lying Kurd who claims he had applied to move to Canada from his free housing in Turkey (where there is no war, by the way) where he had lived for three years.

Little Aylan made headlines because leftists couldn’t possibly miss the opportunity to parade around his lifeless body to ratchet up White guilt and press White genocide on. Aylan Kurdi drowned after falling out of a boat his family was on in their attempt to illegally immigrate to Canada. You know, since living in Turkey was totally untenable, given that there was no war and the benefits just weren’t quite as good as in Western countries.

We’ve got this brilliantly executed propaganda maneuver to use a foreigner toddler and son of a heartless liar’s corpse to guilt liberals into more aggressively spreading their cheeks and more fervently committing racial and cultural suicide and ultimately genocide. I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling pretty triggered.

There have been plenty of articles talking generally about this crisis and about its meaning and implications, but more specifically I want to write about this article by Nicholas Kristof, whose name doesn’t echo, but surely has some slight reverb to it.

Kristof writes more generally of the Syrian “migrant” crisis, but of course he doesn’t fail to mention Aylan Kurdi. He uses Aylan and the Syrian “refugees” generally to push hard on the White guilt dildo boring into Europe. According to Kristof, this crisis is a failure of world leadership. Essentially: bad things happen and it’s all our fault. He specifies three failures:

  1. Syria doesn’t have a safe space for refugees. Honestly, it doesn’t hurt my feelings if Syria wants to set up a refuge for Syrians in Syria or somewhere that’s not Europe. It’s not Europe’s responsibility to clean up other races’ messes.

  2. The UN should give more gibsmedat to Syria because, well, ya know, White guilt and stuff. If only Syria had more money for dem programs, everything would be alright. He is right about one thing: Syrians are going to Europe for the gibsmedat. At least he admits it. Still, it’s not Europe’s responsibility.

  3. Europeans are mean for not wanting their countries to be swarmed with savages who will soak up resources, refuse to assimilate, and produce nothing but crime and cultural murder against the Europeans. God forbid the European people, the taxpayers who made these benefits possible and then have to suffer the consequences of open borders with no chance to vote against it, would want to control their own communities and decide the fate of their nation. It's not the European peoples' responsibility to take care of the rest of the world's tired, poor, and hungry. They don't even have a gay poem written by a Jew on a plaque on one of their famous statues.

Kristof goes on to describe the horrors that the invaders will have to endure once they have reached Southern European beaches. The tragedies include rejecting free food and water given to them and being forced to wait a few days before getting free transport to the countries that will give them their free stuff. It’s another holocaust. And speaking of the holocaust, Kristof doesn’t waste the opportunity to kvetch about the ship full of Jewish refugees that the US turned back in World War II. Some of those people died in the holocaust later, probably from the peddle-powered brain mashers and electrified floors. I’m pretty sure Kristof isn’t Jewish, but he’s working hard to make me think he is.

I could go on to pick apart each detail of the article, including how cucked Icelanders are, how nobody gives a damn that Arab countries aren’t accepting refugees (despite the fact that there is no war in those countries and they wouldn’t have to make this dangerous journey across the Mediterranean sea), how the US needs to be more cucked, and his briefly touching on how difficult assimilating refugees is. If you’re reading TRS, you don’t need me to explain why that’s all just meaningless leftist drivel designed to make people feel guilty. The point is, no matter what emotional claims he makes, no matter how he tries to guilt Whites, it’s not Europe’s problem.

What is interesting is his statement that “the ultimate solution isn’t to resettle Syrians but to allow them to go home.” Of course, I don’t believe that, and neither should you. How does he expect us to believe they will want to go home when they are allowed to Islamify the neighborhoods they move to, get gibsmedat jobs, and get unlimited benefits? You really expect me to believe that they’re all eager to return when they can continue getting free stuff in Europe? Get real.

Like I said: it’s not Europe’s problem!

The title of this article is “The real migrant crisis.” The mainstream media would have you believe that the migrant crisis is that Europe doesn’t feel guilty enough, isn’t giving enough free stuff to foreigners, and isn’t cucking hard enough. I disagree. It’s been suggested that we need our own propaganda picture to fight back against the picture of Aylan used by twisted leftists. In some ways, I agree. The problem is, we don’t have room to share 1400 pictures of young English girls raped by Pakistanis.

Of course, I’m talking about Rotherham—the story that broke about one year ago which told the horrific, disgusting tale of how the English town of Rotherham covered up an ongoing criminal ring dedicated to raping and trafficking underage English girls (a real, literal rape culture, feminists. Where’s your outrage?). It’s hard to even think about it. The local government and police both actively covered up the rapes and even cooperated with the rapists. It’s unbelievable. I don’t want to believe it. But it’s true. It happened, and presumably, it’s still happening. This is the real migrant crisis.

The Rotherham scandal—and scandal is not extreme enough to describe the sickness of it—simply would not have happened if England had preserved their ethnic homogeneity and rejected these Pakistani immigrants. The real migrant crisis is letting these migrants into Europe. Europe has nothing to gain and everything to lose. This is part of an ongoing, international program to commit genocide against White countries.

The next time you see something about the migrant crisis, remember: the European government and the cucks enabling it are more upset by a single dead foreigner than they are about the tragic rape and loss of innocence carried out against at least 1400 native English girls. This permanent psychological, physical, and emotional damage means nothing to them. They are traitors. It’s that simple. They are traitors, they hate themselves, and they hate you.

The next time you see White cucks crying signally tears about the migrant crisis, just ask them: What about the 1400 raped in Rotherham? Why do you care more about invaders than about your own people?

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