The Cuckservative Soul

At a glance, the cuckservative is a somewhat mysterious creature. Why does he cave to the left over and over again? Why does he constantly grovel at their feet, begging for their mercy and forgiveness? What animates his pathetic posture of obeisance, gives energy to his bowing and scraping? One would think that, given his stated principles, the cuckservative would at least on occasion judge the left and find it wanting, but he never does so. It cannot simply be that he's bought and paid for by special interests. The cuckservative bows before the left even when it is diametrically opposed to his own material and political interests. Why?

The answer is simple. In his heart, the cuckservative agrees with the moral premises of the left. He allows the left to judge him, because he believes that the left is the source of morals, if sometimes it "goes too far."

The cuckservative believes the proper place for women is wherever they want to be (especially if it inconviences men), which is why he brags about how many women he hires and cheers women in the armed forces. He believes the fundamental problem with Islam is that it's mean to homosexuals and frowns on female promiscuity. On a moral level, he thinks it's unfair for ethnically European nations to be so prosperous and not let the barbarian hordes in to share the wealth. He believes that Europeans, uniquely among all human beings, have zero right to ethnic identity or cultural preservation---in fact, that the erasure of both is our highest moral imperative. He believes that "sexism" is evil, and "racism" more evil still, to the point where most fundamental moral questions can be posed in these terms. He accepts the feminine imperative in all things; the idea that men have interests or rights is as foreign to him as to any tumblr SJW. When he sees that 60% of whites vote Republican, while only 30% of Hispanics and only 5% of blacks do, he concludes that the problem is Republicans and whites, not the anti-capitalist, un-patriotic cultural attitudes of non-whites.

The only thing that makes him "conservative" is he'd rather not have full communism.

Well, unless he thinks that would make you stop calling him a bigot.

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Hateful Heretic is a jerk.