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Race and Height

The CDC does measurements of height (cm) in the United States, and regularly it shows white males are taller than black males at every age group.

They're also taller at every percentile.

Race and Weight

In terms of total weight, white males are sometimes heavier than black males, sometimes lighter. It has actually gone back and forth over the years.

But what has not gone back and forth is the obesity rate —black males are more often obese than white males:

And if you look at the weight percentiles, you can see that whites are heavier than blacks up to the 50th percentile. The higher average black weight is entirely a result of very heavy blacks pulling the average up. At the lower percentiles, whites are heavier:

Boxed in red are the heavier weights. All of this suggests that whites are “inherently bigger” and have more total muscle mass. Though lets not overstate this difference.

Race and Muscle Type

Why then are blacks seen more in sports? Well it depends on the sport. Blacks not only have more fast-twitch fibers proportionately, but they have more of the “fastest twitch” fibers.

Popular sports in the United States emphasize speed—basketball and football. In high school, blacks are 1.6 times as likely as whites to play football, and 2.5 times as likely to play basketball, even though whites are more likely to play sports at all.

But in sports that value “pure strength” more, white people dominate. Not only would this be partly explained by whites being slightly bigger, but pound for pound, European muscle has more isometric (pure) strength.

Race and Penis Size

Women like big dicks. This was found in the paper “Penis size interacts with body shape and height to influence male attractiveness”. Penis size was found to be about as important as height, though the most important factor was shoulder to hip ratio. Here are some charts from that paper:

This chart plots male attractiveness compared to height and shoulder-hip ratio:

Women do like big dicks, and guys know this.

So do blacks have bigger dicks than whites? Well, there's a lot of data on penis size, but it's all really bad. First let's take a look at the measured results from Richard Lynn's paper “An examination of Rushton’s theory of differences in penis length and circumference and r-K life history theory in 113 populations”:

Two more pieces Lynn included in his paper:

The above table is in inches

A paper from “Tropical Journal of Medical Research”, an African journal, seems to have vindicated Lynn's data:

Interestingly though, I found two other studies that looked at stretched penises of Bulgarians, and whites from the UK, and these yielded average lengths of 14.66 cm and 14.3 cm, respectively. A paper looking at Tanzanians found a stretched length of 11.5cm.

The old Kinsey study on race and penis size:

So based on this, in all of the samples, it looks like blacks have bigger schlongs by about half a centimeter to an eighth of a centimeter.

But I found another collection of studies from ethnicmuse, and these studies show European countries having significantly larger penis sizes than what Lynn Reported, just looking at black, white and “white” countries:

So to summarize, we have a multi-country analysis by Lynn and EthnicMuse. Lynn shows African countries with bigger dicks; EthnicMuse suggests the opposite. Remember, Lynn is defending an r-K evolutionary theory that needs blacks to have the biggest dicks.

The three within-population comparisons all show blacks having larger penises—however, all of those studies had significantly oversized samples, meaning they weren't representative of the general population but of people who wanted to get their dick measured. All studies have problems, they are still evidence of larger black penises, just weak evidence.

The Tropical Journal of Medical Research was just blatantly cherry-picking, and the totality of stretched penis data puts whites ahead of blacks.

The largest verified penis is that of Jonah Falcon, who is white and from the UK, and it is 13.5 inches long. This is one piece of evidence that blacks and whites don't have big differences in penis size, and that a white guy took the record just because there are more white people in “connected” countries.

Obviously precise equality is impossible if you believe in evolution, but penis size appears to be like height in that it's really close. But unlike with height, we lack consistent measurement techniques, we lack representative samples, and the results from multiple studies in the same country give wildly fluctuating results.

I didn't look at "girth" measurements because those fluctuate far more wildly and there's no agreed upon location to measure it. And even if you do, what is "mid-shaft" anyway? I also don't trust "flaccid" measurements; I included some, but what does "flaccid" even mean? Does it mean semi-soft or "was just dipped in ice-water"?

I only focused on blacks and whites because it relates to the points I'm going to make in the next paragraphs and I'm not interested in demeaning other populations.

Okay, laugh it all out, yes, I really did just spend hours of research on race and penis size to make this post.

But I think the “huge black penis” myth has been busted; even if blacks end up being slightly bigger than whites, in the end it won't be that big of a difference.

The Point

I opened this article with height statistics, because that's very well-documented with consistent measurement done by the government. You can't argue it. It's also a replicated finding.

Moreover, people see—with their own two eyes—the heights of people of different races every day. They have direct visual experience of the heights of blacks and whites all the time.

And yet, they still think blacks are taller. I'm going to be a bit vulgar here—this is an example of your mind being Jewed, where information from some form of professional media overrides your direct perception of reality.

And that's the first point—you probably thought blacks were taller, yet they're not. That shows your mind was Jewed on that issue. You probably thought blacks had significantly bigger dicks than whites—they don't, if they're even bigger at all—another false belief on race. You probably thought blacks were stronger than whites—they're not. What else has your mind been Jewed on?

Lets cut the crap: these are all anti-white biases. Bigger dicks are better, taller is better, stronger is better. So what other anti-white beliefs do you hold that are as incorrect as these? Perhaps regarding education and job opportunities, early developmental environment, biological equality in cognitive functions, et cetera.

The second point is that we are dealing with a general, primitive, visceral anti-white hate movement. Apologies for using passive voice, but I use passive voice because it's not a conspiracy but a spirit of the age.

A purely ideological marxoid type would not be belittling white male sexuality, and would in fact want to promote it to increase race-mixing of white males with non-white females. That "they" are not doing this is evidence that "their" modus is much more base and has nothing to do with enlightenment.

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