One Magic Word To Bury Dindu Crimes

By now you've heard that two people were murdered on live TV by a dindu and another is undergoing surgery in a trauma unit. A deranged former reporter tracked a former co-worker down while doing a live remote early this morning and murdered her and her cameraman and critically injured a realtor doing a promo spot.

Within a few hours video of the shooting posted by the gunman surfaced. The Twitter page was shut down. The videos are being pulled by YouTube instantly. I posted it a few minutes ago and received an instant notice to remove it or my account would be suspended. They're trying to memory hole this one from the get-go. The chosen people realize there's a "conversation about race" brewing and it's not a conversation they're going to lead. There are still archived copies but as a matter of decency I won't post them here. We aren't LiveLeak. I'm sure they'll be in the comments anyways. I would strongly advise passing over them though, it's soul-numbing. I'm already drinking and it's not even 2PM here. Trust me, that's unusual.

Like many cowards who angrily gun down defenseless people from behind without any prior risk or threat to his own safety the gunman has apparently attempted to kill himself. He may die in surgery, he may already be dead. I can imagine what his trial would be like. "Your honor, my client a gud boi. My client dindu nuffin. My client was a victim of racism."

Don't believe me? The liberals on all your social media feeds are already focusing on one of his tweets with laser intensity.

She made racist comments, guys. Therefore she deserved to die. Let's get #IMadeRacistComments and #WhiteLivesMatter trending.

According to liberal math calling someone a monkey 500 times is equivalent to murdering two people in revenge, as described by the formula (racism + black) = innocent victim.

Warning: The comments section is vile - it's a gun control debate with no mention of black crime rates. Which reminds me: you guys should fix that.

If this murderous dindu survives to see trial (doubtful) we'll be hearing the calls from the dindu activists for leniency because he was just acting out of frustration with a violent and racist system. Normally my WASPy upbringing would incline me to hope the guy stands trial and is held accountable but at this point I hope some trauma surgeon "accidentally" severs the son of a bitches aorta. Go ahead bro, Asclepius isn't looking right now.

I'm sure more will be said about this in the coming hours and days. I'm still too numb over the shooting to really get as angry as I should be about this deliberate and nearly instantaneous narrative-swap going on. I mean, I should be livid. But today I'm just... impassive.Normally the temporal distance between the events and my learning of them makes it easier to dissociate them, but knowing that only a few hours ago a young woman was alive doing what she loved and right now her entire family is beyond devastated while this guy is still tentatively breathing and the only problem the media is having right now is how to frame it so it doesn't sound like they're condemning the black guy just seems the grossest miscarriage of justice in the universe.

But I'm sure they'll figure out their angle soon enough. The radical left media is already subtly hinting that it's because of racism, with the implication being that this is somehow the fault of the embattled white identity in America. The radical left social media isn't even mincing words. I saw one of those baboon lives matter activists asking rhetorically, as though it was witty and totally equivalent, "how it feels white America". Because apparently this young woman was on top of her gunman pounding his face screaming "I'm gonna kill you nigger" when it happened or reaching for a cop's gun after robbing a store or something.

White women are gunned down and the media memory holes the story and waves away condemnation of the gunman because the victim "was racist" but they'll gladly call for the removal, burning and banning of the statues, flags and hoop dresses of my ancestors because of "racism"? It's like "racist"/"racism" is now a magic word straight out of the Heka or the Necronomicon which can erase dindu crimes and justify the erasure of my culture.

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