A Canary in the Newsroom

Around 6:30 AM EST, Melissa Ott, Morning Show producer at WDBJ Virginia, was in the production room watching the morning broadcast as shots rang out on live television, cutting the ongoing interview short. The camera fell to the ground.

She did not know if the camera operator, her 27 year old fiancé Adam Ward, was alive or dead.

Adam Ward proposing on the balcony of the Washington D.C. Newseum

Police and ambulances were rushed to the scene. What they discovered was gruesome. Adam Ward lay on the ground, dead from multiple gunshot wounds. A few dozen feet away, 24 year old Alison Parker, a young reporter at WDBJ, lay dead in a pool of her own blood. Vicki Gardner, the head of the local Chamber of Commerce, was wounded by a gun shot to the back.

At first, the investigation was slow. Who could have done this? Why would someone gun down, in cold blood, a young promising reporter and her cameraman? All there was to go on was a grainy still of the shooter from Adam Ward's fallen camera. Luckily for the sake of the investigation, the shooter turned out to be anything but a criminal mastermind.

The mystery would only last a few hours. Unable to resist the lure of having his own "WORLDSTAR" moment, sick black man Vester Lee Flanagan II, took to twitter and facebook. He posted two disturbing short videos of the murders, from his own perspective. To avoid any motive ambiguity, Vester accompanied the videos with the highest justification his 21st century mind could conjure.

Alison, the 24 year old white reporter, had allegedly made racist comments.

It turns out Vester Lee Flanagan II, or Bryce Williams as he was known on television, was obsessed with his own victim status. He had a history of complaining about racist treatment, including an unsuccessful lawsuit in 2000 against a North Florida news station, his employer at the time. In 2013, after making a string of accusations of racism against his white coworkers which presumably escalated into full blown TNB, he was escorted out of the WDBJ building by police and was subsequently fired. Parallels to Chistopher Dorner abound.

Vester did not take the firing well. His white coworkers still had jobs! Trayvon Martin had been killed by a racist WhiteHispanic™ a year before, and the responsible news media in the country confirmed what he knew deep in his soul! He was a victim of the White Man's America. Everywhere he turned, Whiteness held him down. As he stewed, Michael Brown was gunned down by a racist white cop while surrendering on his way to church and college. Eric Garner was choked to death by NYPD officers LARPing as big game hunters. Protests were erupting throughout the country. Blacks were fed up with white racism and so was he.

Then he hit his breaking point. Dylan Roof, armed with a pistol and a tactical bowl cut, burst into a Charleston church and gunned down 9 black worshippers. According to Vester Lee Flanagan's manifesto, this event lit the fuse to the powder keg that was his oppression. He had to lash out against White Supremacy.

So he rented a car, and armed with a pistol drove to the location of an early morning interview.

Filming with what Fox reported appears to be a Go-Pro, he approached the interview, aimed a gun at 24 year old Alison Parker, and opened fire.


The events of this morning should enrage you. They should also terrify you. This is a window into post-white majority America. As white political power is decreasing at the most rapid rate in US history, due in large part to the mobilization of the rainbow coalition of Barack Obama, animosity towards white people, or what the activists and {{{professors}}} lazily conceal as "whiteness," is on the rise. When something goes wrong in a black's life, an amorphous force called white supremacy (formerly named institutionalized racism) is at fault. Whitey is at fault. You are, whether you like it or not, the enemy in their eyes.

To the politically active black, the crime of racism keeps blacks in the horrible, crime ridden, and murderous conditions they find themselves in. Is it any wonder that when that narrative is pushed, they lash out? When blacks are used by a certain {{{news media}}} to push a political agenda, there are consequences for the white scapegoat. Even when that scapegoat is a young female reporter who was barely 24 years old.

To get an idea of how rapid this narrative is progressing, think back to 2008. Try to remember the accusations of racism against Obama's detractors during the election. Try to remember how tame even that, which at the time seemed unprecedented, is compared to the hysterical black mobs destroying American cities in defense of criminal thugs attacking police officers; how tame that climate was compared to the war on southern history, or even the war on sororities that aren't diverse enough. Two terms of what Paul Kersey calls "Black Run America," and the tradition, culture, and legal system of White America have either been destroyed or demonized. Major news outlet anchors even raise their hands in the air, signaling solidarity with a black victim who is an invention of their own narrative.

The shootings today did not occur in a vacuum. Vester Lee Flanagan II was fired two years ago over his characteristically black reaction to his own delusions of victimhood. He has been barraged with nothing but wall to wall encouragement of that mindset since.

Today he shot a 24 year old white woman because he thought she said something racist. He shot her cameraman because the cameraman had filed a complaint against him with HR. He took his victimhood seriously, and he lashed out against those he figured to be his oppressors. This is not an isolated incident. Due to the dramatic circumstances of the murders, this is a unique incident due to the coverage of it of course, but if you pay attention to Colin Flaherty's documenting of black on white crime, you already know that revenge violence against whites by blacks is nothing new. It is just never covered.

As whites lose more and more political power, as the GOP shifts from a party of white people to a party courting the inevitable Hispanic-dominant voting bloc, there are fewer and fewer people to stand against the scapegoating of whites in the black victimhood narrative.

Soon enough there will be no group of whites large enough to stand up. When the biology-denying narrative of black failure as white crime encounters white minority America, we will enter the dangerous territory of the over-performing minority scapegoat. Ask the Rhodesians, or Afrikaners, how that has worked out for them. Or just ask Alison Parker and Adam Ward.

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