The Wizards of Kos

All things have a maximum carrying capacity—whether it's a truck hauling freight, a load-bearing wall, our psyche, or a geographic region's capacity to sustain a population. Butting up against the limits is asking for trouble. Going over that limit is well beyond trouble into catastrophe. When that capacity finally buckles and destroys all which was supporting it, well, who to blame but those that let things get out of control? On the Greek island of Kos, many of the local residents and police forces are doing some blaming right now.

Kos (along with Lesbos, Chios, Samos and Leros) is being used by United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) as a holding pen for refugees and opportunists fleeing the conflicts in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. According to UNHCR's press release on August the 7th the situation was already well out of hand.

The UNHCR Directors of the Bureau for Europe and of Emergency, Security and Supply, visited Greece last week to assess the refugee crisis in the country, where some 124,000 refugees and migrants have arrived by sea this year – as of 31 July – mainly to the islands of Lesbos, Chios, Kos, Samos and Leros. This represents a staggering increase of over 750% compared to the same period in 2014. In July alone, 50,000 new arrivals have been reported, 20,000 more than the previous month (an increase of almost 70%).

The Greek government in Kos was trying to get a grip on the situation by registering refugees at a stadium when all hell broke loose on August 11th. Batons, fire extinguishers, and seemingly anything the Greek authorities could get their hands on were used to quell the rioting 1,500 or so migrants. The mayor of Kos, Yorgos Kyritsis, believes that there are some 7,000 refugees on an island inhabited by around 30,000 Greeks. That means at least 20% of the refugees are involved in a riot that is still ongoing, into its second day (as of August 12th). How is this going to end? The Greek government is sending more riot police to the island; it's the least the Greek government is willing (capable?) to do. What we are witnessing is the abandonment of the lower-ranking officials by the higher-ups. Greece, already in a precarious position as it stands right now economically, is vulnerable to the political will of its creditors—chiefly the Germans and the EU banks. The prevailing thought from the elite in Brussels? To welcome in all the refugees they possibly can by dispersing them across their member states in some hare-brained humanitarian lunacy.

The disconnect from the reality on the ground—the violence, the deprivation, the human suffering of both the boat-people and their hosts—is obvious. None of this registers in the mind of the elected politician or bureaucrat who believes in liberal fallacies. So far gone are their minds from all of this that, rather than stop the migrants from flowing in, they instead wish to further blame the Greeks and other local governments for not doing enough to accommodate the newly arrived! Not alone in spreading their malignant stupidity, pundits across the spectrum have joined the chorus in blaming sensible Europeans for not doing enough with guilt-laden tirades:

Nick Cohen, writing at the Guardian, lectures us:

Above all, we must accept that if Britain does not admit a fair quota of refugees they will come illegally. Africa’s population is exploding and the wars and sectarian persecutions of the Middle East look as if they will never stop. People will flee dictatorship, oppression and climate change now, as they always have in the past.

If that isn't good enough to shame the average Brit over the migrant crisis, he layers on some Jewish pogrom guilt as well:

I write with feeling because my great grandparents were Jewish refugees from tsarist Russia, and if show-boating, gutless know-nothings in the Cameron mould had been in charge of Britain in the early 20th century the Nazis or the communists would have wiped my family out and I would never have been born.

May I suggest turning Nick Cohen back over to Putinist Russia if he hates his home country so much?

Not to be outdone, Sumi Somaskanda at Foreign Policy berates Germans for wanting to keep Germany German, against the better wishes of the anti-German and pro-refugee resettlement Angela Merkel.

Of course, this wouldn't be complete with out the cherry-topping that is the UNHCR's own Vincent Cochetel telling us that Europeans "need to lead the response to this crisis, which can be resolved only through more solidarity within and outside the EU and increased alternative means to reach Europe for refugees fleeing from violence." I mean, it's not like it's a big deal that 250,000 boat-people have come across in 2015 alone. Europeans should find more ways to get them into Europe. The logical inconsistency that continues to pop up is... how? If Europe can't accommodate the 250,000 already here, then how does it expect to handle more than that? By increased spending? Isn't the European economy slowly chugging along? It would be quiet difficult for the Spanish, Italians, and, especially, the Greeks to justify upping their refugee resettlement budgets when they are already under strict austerity limits. It reminds me of the cat-lady with too many cats to care for—starving them and killing them all out of this strange psychosis to 'save' cats.

This isn't about logic or common sense. It never is with the liberal elite. This is about feeling good. And not just feeling good, but being able to dictate to others a reality they have no wish to impose upon themselves.

No one in Europe has the money to spend on these people. The answer to them? Let 'em in.

We don't have the facilities to process them though. So? Let them in, you racist!

But if we don't have the money and we don't have the facilities, how are we going to feasibly do this? What are you, a racist Neo-Nazi!?

Europe could stop this problem by firing a Hellfire right into the middle of a slam-packed refugee boat while catching it all on film. Broadcast that to the world. No refugee in his right mind would flee one warzone for another.

A few imbeciles would claim that is a human rights violation. After all, a sniveling lib would say, they are fleeing war and deprivation, are they not? No. They are not fleeing war and deprivation, as the island of Kos clearly shows. Europe's elite is not capable of handling this crisis. By inviting in more than the carrying capacity of Europe has is an invitation for conflict. The conditions from which they are fleeing will realize themselves in their new home in Europe, to the detriment of all the Europeans who rightly didn't want these people in the first place. Is it really humane to allow those 'fleeing war' to bring that war with them?

So when an act of cruelty is used to prevent a continental wide calamity, one must ask: who is truly the bad guy? A well placed missile that would stop the crisis? Or those that let an invasion seep into the countries of Europe to spread Kos-like conflict across the continent. What seems barbaric on the front is merely civilization preserving itself against the forces of barbarism. Human rights is the most insidious lie ever sold and people are buying it up.

I enjoy a good hypothetical, so let us play the what-if game for a second. Say Europe does welcome these people in, as many organizations and individuals are doing. One would expect these migrants to react with grace, humility, dignity, and appreciation to their host's good nature. Unfortunately, that isn't reality. Why did they riot in Kos? Because they weren't getting housing and legalizing papers fast enough to get them on to Athens... or Rome... or Paris... or London. Everything is a next stop to these migrants. Those that settle will be unhappy with the reality of migrant life in Europe—expectations of wealth, of peace, will never be reached. Athens isn't good enough so they move on to the next big city that they are told will be better. Which is why we have Africans storming the Chunnel.

To compound problems in the future are the low IQ and high tribalism of these Third-World refugees. They will not meld into a Westernized European identity but will be undermined by their own genetic heritage and social clannishness. European media will hem and haw that these refugees 'deserve better' and aren't getting it, as they currently do. If that's the message they are getting then, dammit, shouldn't they be getting the best? A sense of entitlement, also commonly found in the American Negro, would arise in the form of 'gibs'. In an aging Europe slowly going broke I'd expect a lot of disappointment when the wealth they were expecting dwindles away with a greying and dying Europe. Simply put, they won't be able to recreate the wealth that Europeans currently have. Ferguson wasn't nearly half as bad as the 2005 banlieue riots in Paris. One can only imagine how Europe will cope with the swarm of unemployed black and brown, militant Islamist youth of 2050.

Europe is heading for a social earthquake. The blindness with which the liberal elite and their prole true-believers march into it is out of some dystopian cult suicidal fanaticism. On the right we get knocked for our militarism and nationalism—fairly to a point—yet even we know that peace has a proper place in the global order. What is on the offering in Europe is a perpetual war with only a winner and loser—victory is not guaranteed for European peoples. Africa and the Middle East have a lot more reinforcements on the way.

It would be wise of Europeans, and Americans, to remember who the Wizards of Kos are. The same spell they cursed that poor island with is being cast across the continent.

Originally posted at The Droggin