Shut Up About Edmund Burke, Thanks

I normally like George Will, but his fantasies about Burkean conservatism are laughably out of place in today's day and age. A one-sided commitment to gradual change is about as smart as a one-sided commitment to not hit below the belt.

Conservatives in general need to get over this Burkean nonsense. The nice, genteel world where we all agree on incremental change followed by sober, rational analysis of the effects before deciding on our next step isn't happening. Democrats figured out at least a century ago that all this means is that radical changes are immune to attack.

The only way to defeat the left is to revolt against them. Every institution they create must be smashed. Everything that gives them strength must be destroyed. Wringing our hands about Democratic constituencies, I mean dependents, being "unfairly" affected by doing things like terminating welfare with extreme prejudice has gotten us nowhere. Burkean conservatism is a failure, and we need to forget about it forever.

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