For Whom The Bell Cucks

Hi, normal Republican. I know you clicked on our website with great fear and trepidation, knowing that getting caught will get you in a shitload of trouble. And I'm not joking. Your Republican boss would rather catch you fapping to porn than reading TRS. So what's this #cuckservative thing all about? It's not just about being "bluepilled." Cucking goes much, much further than that. The fact is that there no practical difference between a cuckservative and America's enemies. The cuckservative may verbally signal as a conservative, but for all practical purposes, he will take sides against those who support our republic and way of life whenever necessary in order to gain the respect of those at best indifferent and at worst hostile to it. This can be seen in the ways that the cuckservative not merely compromises with the enemy, but turns against his own electoral base to hand over their interests to their destroyers. Here are a few major ways that these losers cuck:

  • Cucking for feminism. The cuckservative will stop at nothing to signal how friendly he is toward unmarried, childless women chemically blitzing their reproductive systems and spending their fertile years in the workplace, despite the demonstrable fact that such women vote reliably Democrat, and the laws enabling this to do so undermine the freedom of businesses to hire, fire, and promote based on merit---and on top of that, it leaves them miserable and lonely in their old age. Christian manosphere blogger Dalrock has written extensively on how thoroughly American Christianity (including Catholicism) is sold out to feminism. There is NOTHING conservative whatsoever about feminism.

  • Cucking for socialized education. The cuckservative prattles endlessly about the moral inviolability of "our teachers" and "our schools," despite them being hotbeds of Marxist indoctrination and the teachers being major sources of Democrat votes and campaign dollars. This extends to the university system, which was taken over by Marxists in the 1970s and whose federal funding the cuckservative regards with the same reverence that the liberal regards anal sex. Fortunately, some conservatives are seeing the light and acting judiciously to destroy the edifice to whatever degree is within their power.

  • Cucking for immigrants. With the ascendancy of ┬íJeb!, we see how deeply the cuckservative establishment is committed to replacing middle-class, white, conservative voters with Hispanics. It is of course the Democrats who began the push for mass immigration in 1965, largely because they expected hordes of socialist Third Worlders could be bought just as easily as blacks. They are, of course, correct, but the cuckservative would rather pin his hopes on converting illiterate mestizos with Spanish translations of National Review that be accused of racism for opposing mass immigration. Thus the GOP's base goes under the bus, and California turns permanently blue.

  • Cucking for Israel. If you are a conservative reader, before you jump down my throat, yes, I understand diplomacy is a thing, that Muslims are vicious barbarians, and that as far as things go, Israel's much friendlier to us than your average sharia follower. However, the Republicans frequently cross the line from diplomacy to cucking when they place Israel's interests over ours. This was apparent when Sean Hannity defended Israel's right to spy on us and Ted Cruz told Middle Eastern Christians that they couldn't expect relief from the jihad due to their failure to love Israel enough. Moreover, it turns into cuckoldry when Israel's right to be a Jewish ethno-state is vigorously defended while our right to ethnic identity is attacked as "Nazism." Israel is a foreign country. Period. They have their interests; we have ours. Sometimes those interests overlap; sometimes they do not. And finally, the idea that American Jews should have primary loyalty to Israel over the United States is repugnant. We expect a German-bred Catholic American to have political loyalty to neither Germany nor the Vatican, and we should expect the same of American Jews. And for God's sake, could Christian candidates stop putting on yarmulkes to pray at the Wailing Wall? Our forefathers in the faith (OMG TRS HAS A CHRISTIAN WRITER COMMENCE COMMENT WAR ALL SYSTEMS ARE GO) were murdered by the progenitors of modern Judaism, then known as "Pharisees."

  • Cucking for the welfare state. George W Bush's entire domestic agenda hinged on expanding the welfare state. Real conservatives fight the welfare state. Real conservatives are at least dimly aware that amnesty will result in expanding the welfare rolls by millions of people and oppose it on at least those grounds. Real conservatives supported Prop 187. The cuckservative is ashamed of Prop 187 because it made Hispanic welfare recipients mad. The cuckservative thinks we should run on an agenda of "lifting up" people who can't be assed to get their lives together, and scolds his base for caring more about not being forced to pay for other people's offspring. GWB's belief that removing poors from the income tax rolls would win their loyalty was foolish.

  • Cucking for blacks. Blacks are the most solidly Democratic voting bloc in America. Their vote is motivated primarily by ethnic solidarity and gibsmedat. The cuckservative openly defends blacks' right to ethnic solidarity, while simultaneously attacking organized whites as "Nazis." Making blacks happy shouldn't matter to Republicans. Instead, the happiness of people forced to fill their EBT cards and whose neighborhoods are about to be wrecked by Obama should matter. I don't care that Al Sharpton is offended by police; it should matter more that crime in my city is skyrocketing due to our idiotic expansion of Section 8. George HW Bush understood this. But who's Rand Paul out stumping for? Black felons. Right, because restoring voting rights to black felons is going to turn them into capitalism-loving libertarians who love nothing so much as meritocratic economic competition! The black population will line up en masse to switch their voter registration out of gratitude! That's really, totally, absolutely going to happen.

What if the GOP wasn't cucked? What would an actual conservative look like? Oh I know, you've been told by Robert Stacy McCain, Ace of Spades, and Kurt Schlichter that we're all just Nazis here and want King Hitler to come riding in on a T-Rex to shoot the Jews with lazer beams and create a utopia. But you don't have to wave the white nationalist banner to just stop cucking. But what would a conservative do if he made policy based simply on what kinds of people vote Republican?

  • Regarding feminism, he would support the end of no-fault divorce, "equal" pay laws, welfare for bastard children, and discrimination laws. Without the state forcing anonymous men to subsidize their lives, women would turn back toward marriage in order to obtain wealth. Married women vote Republican.

  • Regarding education, follow Scott Walker's lead and double down. The end goal should be totally disestablishing public schools and government-supported education. Vouchers and charter schools are a good start. Ending socialized education will stop the development of new socialists.

  • Regarding immigrants, the only conservative "immigration reform" is to repeal the 1965 Immigration Act and replace it with a system designed to limit immigration to a trickle and only to the sorts of immigrants inclined to integrate into America. In addition, punishing sanctuary cities, building a fence, and defunding states who refuse to put in place measures to validate legal residency should be priorities.

  • Regarding Israel, diplomacy should put America first, period. Atoning for the Holocaust is not our job. Israel's national interest is not our job. America's interests should be defined, and that should be the template for our diplomacy. And no, "making the world safe for democracy" is not in our interest. Been there, done that, got the second world war.

  • Regarding the welfare state, end it. Period. Welfare recipients don't vote Republican; why should Republicans care about their benefits?

  • Regarding blacks, ignore what they say they want. Laugh off accusations of racism. Smashing riots and locking up criminals will make you popular with the base. People need to be aware of the Democrats' war on "white privilege." Talk about black-on-white crime instead of fleeing because you fear the r-word. Granted, ending welfare and locking up criminals will have a net positive effect on the black population, but they still won't vote for you.

If conservatives stopped cucking, they'd win elections because demographics would shift in their favor. The Democrats understand this game. Why don't Republicans?

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