The Rational Racist

Since the recent uprising of racially aware whites in the American mainstream right, the initial reactions we have seen tended to be snark and hand waving by the “real American” conservative pundits. By not only pointing out the double standard in racial politics, but also saying we should play too, there has been an eruption of cognitive dissonance. Non-whites act in their collective interest and whites do not. White are “not allowed” to act collectively in spite of the fact that non-whites (with maybe one exception), do not have the power to stop us. You already know why whites do not act collectively. Acting collectively is racist.

What is a racist? There is a dictionary definition but nobody seems to read that. Racist is more or less a slur against any White person, mostly targeted at the ones that do not hate themselves, and especially at the ones that wish to act collectively. The real question you need to ask is this: “What is wrong with being racist?”

Non-whites are effectively allowed to act “racist” without any fear of social or legal punishment. Whites can but we do not allow ourselves to. Why not? Many Whites will status signal that they do not need collective action on their behalf because they got theirs and didn’t need any help. These people think they are better than you and by extension better non-whites. Only the brown people need to pool resources in order to get ahead in life. Of course they would never explicitly say that if they identified as a conservative. An ethnomasocistic leftist would, however, they would blame white oppression for the necessity. Others are ideologically motivated. The Christians and mainstream conservatives believe in the fundamental equality of all humans and that winning hearts and minds is all you have to do to convert the out group. Now you might wonder why whites should be “racist” in this country. It’s reasonable.

Any white who wants to maintain “White supremacy” aka white people maintaining a numeric majority and/or political hegemony is acting within his rational self-interest. In this democratic system policy is determined by interest groups. Non-whites have been working for decades seeking rents paid by whites. Why don’t the non-whites just sustain themselves? Because it is cheaper to tax the more productive outgroup. This won’t last due to current demographic trends. The problem with American socialism is that you eventually run out of White people’s money. In spite of the cultural marxist lie that we can live in a world where no group has power over another, this is not possible. Like their failed attempt at using the state to maintain an economic equilibrium, there is no way to have an equilibrium in power relations. How would you even enforce that? The constant changes in bureaucratic regulations after every census would lead to a state of arbitrary rule. Eventually one group will attain hegemony. Why not skip the legal drama and just keep my power as is? The irony is that White supremacy, as defined above, is actually beneficial to non-whites. White minority status will necessitate a white collective interest in order to stave off any draconian and possible punitive collections taken against us. For the aforementioned individualists and leftists, your race will make you a target. They know that you “got yours” and they want to take it. Someone like me is offering to help you. Will your ego stop an IRS SWAT Team from seizing your “unearned” assets? The “conservatives” have already lost. Nothing has been conserved and every subsequent generation seems to conveniently be more liberal than their parents. Non-whites have no incentive to support low taxes and “free markets” like we do.

Now if you're sold on the Why, I’ll follow up with the What.