Unplanned Donorhood

I have to admit, I've spent the last two weeks or so avoiding the Standard Yuck Party that is the Planned Parenthood baby-parts and baby-parts accessories scandal. With all the other dildos taking aim on my delicate and inflamed anus every day, it seemed like the peddling of pieces of unwanted children who would be dead anyway was one I could ignore. For the sake of one's own sanity, why willingly subject oneself to this story? Let's just take a look at a few examples of coverage. Some of my twitter followers were kind enough to send some links my way:

Why It’s Good to Give Babies a Heart Attack

is a sub-header in an enraging article over at The Federalist.

I learned the word "Feticide" while reading about this. It's a lovely piece of language isn't it? Can ya guess what it means? Yeah, a chemical that is used to kill a fetus. I'm really impressed with the psychological self-defense in creating such a term. My mother worked for decades as a Registered Nurse, so I understand all too well a medical professional's need to insulate himself from the emotional pain, anguish, and suffering he's charged with attempting to alleviate. Your worst cancer-kid patients have to be numbers lest you begin to see too much of your own kids in their dying eyes. You have to have a callous heart if you're a hospice nurse, caring for people who would welcome the sweet release of death that you're not allowed to give them. If you actually start to care for them, you might need to find a new line of work.

So they must create terms like "Feticide," and abbreviate the heart-attack inducing substance Digoxin as "dig." Hell, you then are ready to start using "dig" as a verb! How else could you live with yourself? I know in my line of work I have shorthand for all sorts of techniques, substances, tools, etc., that are things that deserve respect that you don't really have time to give over and over again. Boring example: Drywall Joint Compound is frequently referred to as "Mud." How disrespectful! A substance that fills gaps in wallboards, covers unsightly screw-heads, can be sanded seamlessly flat to the surrounding substrate and we give it the same name as the slop that results from rain hitting dirt. With painters, it's just because we're slobs and prone to prole-ish behavior and vocabularies. With Abortion Doctors, saying you are going to "dig" the patient is a lot less gruesome than "I am going to use Digoxin on the fetus so as to induce cardiac arrest so that it's dead before I start pulling the parts out of it that we're selling today." It comes from the same place as abortion-rights advocates cobbling together the "Pro-Choice" term we love so much. Pretending the issue is about some fuzzy "right to choose" is a lot easier to emotionally swallow than debating a mother's right to conspire to commit infanticide. And we all know our friends on the left are nothing if they're not guided by their feminine emotions. Cat lady feels, bros.

The other factor in my procrastination on diving into this story is #Cuckservatives. Agreeing with them for the wrong reasons is only so much fun. Diminishing returns diminish until they can only diminish diminishingly. Signalling disapproval for Planned Parenthood because of its eugenic roots is PEAK Cuckservatism. Get a load of this image shared by Sarah GMILF Palin's Facebook page:

With the exception of "Soldiers" (I have not looked into the train of thought that leads there, and I'm not sure it's worth the effort), we have a statement that could be accompanied by a picture of my face and a Daily Shoah logo easily. It's the great dichotomy that spells out the end of the Cuckservative age; Abortion is brutal and should be considered infanticide...but...we also have to stop blacks and other minorities from breeding so many damned welfare babies?


According to (lol) BlackGenocide.org "78% of [Planned Parenthood] clinics are in minority communities. Blacks make up 12% of the population, but 35% of the abortions in America." This is, of course, fuel for the Cuckservative Liberals are the real racists! mantra that we know and love so well. The Conservakin get a nice emotional, self righteous high from moralizing about the inherent sanctity of all life. And they get even higher when they can pretend that their anti-infanticide stance is for the benefit of token minorities, a way to sow the seeds of cognitive dissonance in the minds of "liberal plantation" workers. I'm all for pointing out the enemy troops' self-contradicting positions, but God Damn, Cuckservatives, what about your own?!

Nick Bro "Bud Light" Stoves said in an as-yet unreleased Descending The Tower podcast the other night, "I want control over the reproduction of my Wards." To me this perfectly marries a Eugenic outlook with Christian morality. Planned Parenthood would do better if it actually were Planning Parenthood with people rather than reacting to surprise pregnancies with Feticides, vacuums, and bizarre Talmudic debate tactics about what is and isn't a legal "exctraction" of "fetal tissue."

Painting Abortion as a net-benefit because of research that can be performed on the "donors" isn't going to fly. Not even with Democrats. Painting abortion as a way to control the Dindu population isn't exactly a PR win either. Proactively gaining control over the reproduction of the State's "Wards" is probably the most humane thing to do.

If only I could get my Sanctity/Disgust axis to take a break.

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