Cuckservatism: The Alt-Right

With the success of the #cuckservative hashtag, the alt-right is getting a lot of attention. Our cuckolded masters in the Republican Party don't really know what to say, so they're mostly calling us Nazis.

So what's the alt-right?

The alt-right is the right wing stripped of any superstitious belief in human equality and any admission of the left's moral authority; it is the right in full revolt against the progressive establishment. That's the common thread you will find among all the blogs in the sphere. As a society, we have been searching in vain for about two centuries for evidence that all people are equal and have found none whatsoever. Every single measurable aspect of a human's natural characteristics varies by both sex and geography. Every attempt to prove that intelligence and behavior have no heritable component has ultimately been frustrated. As equality is America's civic religion and the foundation of the political left, the implications are tremendous.

We no longer accept the left's authority to decide who is and isn't a good person. I don't care about being called a racist, a bigot, a homophobe, or a misogynist. Those are leftist slurs, and the left is evil. The left has successfully used those epithets to stop the right from fighting its agenda. Want to win? Stop caring what they call you and start opposing them at every turn.

So what's with all the neo-Nazis?

I don't think most of the alt-right is neo-Nazi. I could be wrong. Sure, you'll find some neo-Nazis here and there. But let me ask a counter-question: What's with all the neo-Communists on the left? More specifically, why don't Democrats have to purge their party and all social connections of Communist sympathizers in order to win elections? Even more specifically, why is Jay Carney allowed to have propaganda for the murderous Bolshevik regime on his wall? Mainstream conservatives are proud of how Buckley purged the movement of Birchers, but this begs the question of why conservatives need to purge and liberals don't.

Let me ask you one more question: Did it work? Buckley purged the Birchers to gain respectability. Well? Does the left respect you? What did making Southern whites take down their flags win you?

That doesn't answer my question.

The alt-right is a safe space for crimethink. I recognize certain groups are double plus ungood, but as someone who's already at least ungood plus, I don't see any value in signaling that they're too extreme and hateful for me. The purpose of purges is to maintain respectability. Well, I think it's quite apparent that Buckleyite conservatism has failed. What the last 50 years has shown is that once you're done purging one group for being too extreme, the left just turns the ratchet, and now some formerly-acceptable group is the new Nazi. Once, it was Birchers. Today, it's anyone who doesn't clap hard enough for Bruce Jenner.

To be a safe space for crimethink, it means no purges. Yeah, you'll find commenters on any given articles calling me names for not accepting the Gospel of Der Führer. Oh well. The fact is, speaking within the left's moral framework has failed, so we're going to hang out down here in the pits with the rabble where we can speak freely.

But no, I'm not a Nazi, TRS isn't a neo-Nazi blog, and neither are many others on the alt-right. We're just not engaging in purges. There's no need to. We watch the left's tactics closely here, much more closely than conservatives do, because we want to learn from winners, not losers. No matter how extreme, mainstream leftists deal with radical leftists via radio silence, not loud, public purges. We're attempting the same thing over here. As for you guys...well, you've spent more energy denouncing the alt-right in the last few days than you ever did against Jay Carney's USSR fetish.

But racism is really bad. We need to fight racism.

Why? Republicans have been fighting racism to one degree or another since the 1860s. And where's that gotten us? Blacks vote 90% Democrat. Hispanics vote 70% Democrat. Jews vote 70% Democrat. Asians vote 50% Democrat. The only ethnic group that votes Republican in a significant majority is whites.

President Obama has recently announced a broad initiative to repopulate all the white suburbs around America with minority Section 8 recipients. Fight that. Democrats want to take 11 million illegal aliens, give them voting power, and bring in millions more. Fight that. Democrats want to keep white women out of marriages and in the workplace so they don't have children. Fight that.

If instead of wasting all their energy fighting for progressive constituencies, conservatives had over the past century successfully fought mass immigration, women's suffrage, and the end of voting tests, I remind you once again what elections would look like:

It's not like the Democrats will ever stop calling you a racist anyway.

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