Cuckservatism: Response to Taylor Millard

Taylor Millard of Hot Air has written a response piece to the alt-right's #cuckservative meme. It's a fairly serious attempt and quotes my previous piece directly. In keeping with my serious response to Ace, I think Millard merits a serious response.

Millard, for the record, if you or anyone else on the mainstream right wants to participate in serious dialogue, I'm game, and I think so are many of the rest of us at sites like TRS, VDare, Counter-Currents, and others. So a few points:

Yes, it's in part about race. And?

Like many others in the alt-right, I was a good, racially blind conservative until fairly recently. I approvingly cited MLK's maxim about the content of character.

However, what happened around 2008 or so is that the Democrat Party openly declared war on white people. You've seen the screeds about white privilege, reparations, diversity programs, and open borders all couched in explicitly anti-white lines. This isn't a "conspiracy theory." It's what they, themselves, say to anyone who's listening. They hate white people. "White male" is a pejorative whenever spoken by a Democrat.

Their open, stated goal is to strip white people of all "privileges" we have---including our incomes, our neighborhoods, and our avoidance of incarceration---and no one on the mainstream right is willing to stand up to it. Because to do so would mean saying words like "white people," "the white community," "white culture," and "white interests," and you have agreed with the left that those things are evil and illegitimate, and that anyone who disagrees is a Nazi. We all know you will be literally called a Nazi if you ever say, "the white community" except to talk about how it needs to be diversified, i.e., not exist.

Look at your own article. You had a whole paragraph about Rand Paul's efforts to win the black vote. Now what if you had a paragraph about his efforts to increase the GOP's share of the white vote and to reach out to the "white community?" Well, you'd be kicked off Hot Air, and Rand Paul would be caught in a scandal that would ultimately end in his resignation...and it would be other white people who punished you and him.

You have demonstrated the typical conservative belief that it's okay for black ethnic interests to exist, and it's okay to cater to them. Same with the Hispanic community. But it is literally Nazism for whites to be identified as anything other than a problem. That's why the #cuckservative tag is so hot. Democrats have declared that whites must be purged, and you give your tacit agreement via your silence.

I am at this point reminded of Churchill's assessment of Mein Kampf: Hitler stated in explicit, straightforward terms what his goals and motives were before he ever attained power. What he did came as a surprise only to those who believed he couldn't possibly have meant what he said. The Democrats are explicit and open about their goal of using mass immigration and the welfare state to create a permanent left-wing majority via demographic replacement, and you won't listen.

I didn't become racially conscious because I hate blacks. I became racially conscious because the left hates me as a white, heterosexual man. And it hates me, not out of irrational loathing of light colors, but because it loathes the values that white, heterosexual men cultivate and promote. What's your response to that hate? As far as I can tell, it's to either ignore it or lash out at anyone who fights back.

And it's only in part about race. Most of us would be very, very unhappy living under an all-white, Communist, feminist state. Most of us really like capitalism, meritocracy, property rights, and the rule of law. Unlike you we recognize that the left's program of demographic replacement will destroy those things forever, and that those values, as "universally good" as they may be, are largely only attractive to persons of Anglo-European heritage.


You guys purged Jason Richwine, not because he told a falsehood, but because he told the truth, you knew he told the truth, and the Democrats had declared the truths he told to be morally opprobrious. And you're real skittish about covering the hate crimes blacks commit and advocate against whites or the revolting things coming out of La Raza. You'll occasionally give a "you're the real racist!" response to Democrat race-baiting, but it's worthless. Conservatives are the only people in America who believe racism is wrong.

And while the right's been pretty good about telling the truth about what Muslims actually believe, and you're correctly and strongly opposed to mass Islamic immigration, for some reason, you are mostly pretty silent on what the average Hispanic believes. The Democrats are well aware, and that's why they want demographic-replacement levels of Hispanic immigration. But instead of telling the truth, you're going along with it and trying to rationalize it because you're terrified of being called "racist."

Just tell the truth. Stop pretending IQ isn't real. Stop pretending welfare is something other than a massive white-to-black cash transfer. Stop pretending the left isn't waging war on Anglo-Europeans both here and in Europe. Stop ignoring black-on-white crime. Stop caring more about the left calling you "racist" than you do about the looming destruction of the only ethnicity in the entire world that has a reliable affinity for the ideas you believe in.

On being short-sighted

If CAP is nodding in vigorous agreement with you, it doesn't mean legions of leftists are going to start voting for liberty. It means there are a few elements of your agenda that they see as useful to their own identity politics. The Democrats nodded in vigorous agreement with Reagan's amnesty, Nixon's EPA, and Bush's elimination of taxes on the lower class. And how do Hispanics, environmentalists, and the poor vote today? Democrats are not stupid. They know that if felons are granted the right to vote, the resulting increase in the total number of black voters will more than offset whatever piddly little share goes to Rand Paul out of gratitude.

Between 1865 and 1965, the Republican Party attempted everything in its power to win black voters to the cause of liberty and freedom. It only took two blasts of free stuff from the Democrats, first under the openly racist, segregationist FDR, and then from previously-anti-Civil-Rights, equally racist LBJ to win over ninety percent of the black vote. The GOP has never been more faithful to the banner of liberty and capitalism than it was in that century. And it failed to win the black vote. It is quite clear that the Democrats have a far better grasp of what motivates black voters than you do.

Rand Paul isn't thinking in the long term. He's thinking in la-la-land. Even if I allow for the sake of argument that blacks some day will lose their racial solidarity, the underclass will never vote for liberty. Ever. The vote of the poor man will always be for sale to the highest bidder, period. And a demographic with an IQ two standard deviations below whites will always be comparatively poorer. Democrats are not stupid. If they thought there was a chance criminal justice reform would end with blacks voting for ending the welfare state and the income tax, MSNBC would run weekly specials on the need for a nationwide policy of stop-and-frisk.

You know what's short-sighted? Displacement-level immigration. Hispanics are not going to vote for freedom and capitalism. They don't vote for it in Mexico, they don't vote for it in Venezuela, they don't vote for it in Colombia, they don't vote for it in Bolivia, they don't vote for it in Argentina, they don't vote for it in Brazil, they don't vote for it in Chile, they don't vote for it in Guatemala, and they're not going to vote for it here. If there were any chance of the Hispanic vote turning conservative, Democrats would be putting landmines at the border.

The left understands the importance of this. You simply do not (source: Buzzfeed).

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