Guest Post: The Left's Self-Destruction

Reader Antidem left this comment. I thought it was good enough to post on the main page.

"The whole of the big pasture, including the windmill, was in the hands of the enemy. For the moment even Napoleon seemed at a loss. He paced up and down without a word, his tail rigid and twitching. Wistful glances were sent in the direction of Foxwood. If Pilkington and his men would help them, the day might yet be won. But at this moment the four pigeons, who had been sent out on the day before, returned, one of them bearing a scrap of paper from Pilkington. On it was pencilled the words: 'Serves you right'."

So it does, Mr. Sanders.

Now that the mainstream right has collapsed completely, and now that they're just about done bayoneting the last survivors of the Culture War, all that the left can do is turn on itself. Look, I actually visited the Soviet Union before it collapsed, and I can tell you firsthand: leftists can't build shit. It all looks very impressive from a distance, but get close, and you see the peeling paint and the cheap, crumbling concrete. Leftism is, however, great at destroying. That's what it's there to do. That's what it's good at. That's what it enjoys; what it revels in. That's why it always turns on itself after it wins. That's what "permanent revolution" is all about - leftism needs to destroy, and loves to destroy, so it will always find someone or something that it can destroy, whether they're genuine enemies or not. That's how Robespierre wound up on the guillotine; how Bukharin ended up in the basement of Lubyanka dumbfounded about why Stalin would want him executed; how veterans of the Long March were paraded through the streets by the Red Guards; and how, in turn, the Red Guards ended up being mowed down by the PLA while still chanting slogans exalting Chairman Mao. This shit happens over and over again, which any rational person would learn a lesson from, but because it is against the left's principles to learn anything from history (They're utopians - to them, the future is always better than the present, which is always better than the past. History is about the past, which is nothing but a cesspool of racistsexistbigotedhomophobia, and clearly there is nothing to be learned from any of that), they don't. So once again, the Old Bolsheviks are going to be dragged out into the streets and put up against the wall by the very people who they came to liberate and who are supposed to be their allies.

Which is fine by me. To quote the lovely Madame Nhu, I will clap my hands at seeing another left-on-left barbecue show.

Lee Kwan Yew once said that in any multiracial democracy, the parties always end up divided exclusively along racial lines. Just so. If American democracy survives to 2050 (let's hope not), the Republican and Democratic Parties will effectively be the White Party and the Non-White Party. The liberals didn't think it would end this way, but they didn't think that the French Revolution would end up with Napoleon invading Austria, either. They're fucking idiots, they refuse to learn from history, they never consider the possibility that they could be wrong, and they never ask themselves what happens if their plan doesn't work out the way they thought it would. Remember, the reason that Chernobyl was such an awful disaster was that the Soviets didn't believe in constructing containment buildings around their nuclear reactors, because (Of course!) Marxist science was so perfect that no such measure would ever be needed. They always - ALWAYS - do shit like this, it always ends up eventually blowing up in their faces (sometimes literally), and it always hurts untold numbers of innocent people around them.

At least the member of the Soviet Academy of Sciences who was in charge of the Chernobyl accident investigation had the decency to hang himself out of shame after he figured out how badly they'd all fucked up. When the shit hits the fan here, the likes of Jon Stewart will still be sneering and blaming "Rethuglicans".

There's little to add. I will say that the left's inability for self-doubt was something I noticed back in my bluepill conservative days, particularly during the lead-in to Obamacare's passage. Every single liberal was entirely certain that there was no possible was a 2000-page bill no one had read could make anything worse whatsoever, as it was written by liberals and therefore would be error-free.

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