Donald Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Trump

It's no secret among the Death Panel that I'm not a fan of Trump. It's not that I Fucking Love Mass Immigration. Obviously I would never have even heard of this site if my solution to white displacement was open borders now. But I simply can't stand the guy. Never have. Granted, I'm about 10 years older than the average reader here and I'm in the top half of the TRS age bracket, so I remember him from tabloids in the 90s about his non-stop string of failed marriages, bankruptcies and foreclosures more than his reality TV series or Bush-era Democrat stump speeches.

It's been long enough since The Day of Announcement that numerous sites have written the articles I restrained myself from writing: about his egotistical manipulation of Conservatives for personal promotion, his history of failure in management (his success has been in speculation, not operations), his basic-bitch populist bashing of free trade, his atrocious medical knowledge and even the Daily Stormer comments section blowout about his kike shilling. To be fair, aside from signalling fanboys, even the Death Panel has taken most of this into consideration and given up their defense of his Unstumpability in favor of an "at least people are talking about immigration" stance. Which is kind of self-congratulatory considering that basically nobody in the GOP is seriously talking about immigration. Yes, I know Rand mentioned some things about Muslim immigration in the wake of the Chattanooga shootings and Fox News is riding "sanctuary cities" through the summer sweeps. Like I said, "basically nobody". But that leads me to...

I've said since day one that if there is a silver lining to all this it's the fact that the entire GOP has come out of their Punxsutawney Shill huts, seen their shadows and declared "6 more generations of amnesty!". This has really put the nail in the coffin of the idea that gradually reclaiming the GOP is possible. Two years ago I thought there was a chance the GOP might be able to serve some purpose in becoming a seawall against the rising sea levels of leftism. I've gradually abandoned this thought, but most of my friends and family still believed in the GOP. This whole fiasco has revealed to them the GOP's hamartia- their unrepentant and unflinching belief in the "natural conservative".

While Trump-fever is still in full swing and people's Goldfish memory still holds the tweets of condemnation from pretty much the entire GOP over Trump's stumping, it would behoove all of you to bring up immigration to your Republican family members. Right now he's polling best with basic-bitch lifetime GOP voters and the reasons can basically be summed up as "build a wall" and "billionaire bombast". People love a winner. Not that Trump is a winner. He's an opportunist who's been able to walk away from his failures with lots of investor's money. But this isn't a Trump-hate post, it's a "use Trump momentum to red-pill your family" post.

Start planting those seeds that the GOP is done for unless they about-face on immigration. The tree might not bear much fruit but at least for now it's a seedling you can water with regular retweets from Ann Coulter, Colin Flaherty and Jared Taylor. Conservatives under 50 aren't really concerned about who's going to pay for their Social Security (not that illegals pay FICA) and inner-city crime has been a political hot seller with over-30s since violent crime started decreasing in the 60s. If anything, you should memorize Table 43 of the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting statistics and next time one of them says something about "immigration reform" just remind them that even legal immigrants are disproportionately destructive.

Trump might have about as much chance at a nomination as Ross Perot did, but if the GOP sees that work-a-day mainstream voters care way more about immigration than birth certificates there's a tiny but worthwhile chance they might start looking at people like Ted Cruz after Hillary/Sanders's second term is up (I'm a pessimist). So for now, even if you hate Trump, save that signalling for another day and just learn to say "he might not have sound policies, but immigration is important and people need to get serious about closing our borders".

I might still think he's a preening twat that makes conservatives look really bad and childish, but for now I'm going to sit that complaint down on a couch made of "but either way he's right; Mr. Nieto, build up that wall".

I made it myself. You can tell, can't you?
That's all we have time for today kids. Until next time, Godwin out.

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Duke Godwin is the ghost of an accountant who wrote a check for the Reichskanzlei's utility bill in 1931 and was executed by Mossad at the age of 96 for aiding the Nazi's
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