Cuckservatives, Trump, and the Future of the West

Here at TRS we're proud to have popularized several terms that have taken the internet by storm, and even made their way into the mainstream media.

One of these terms is "Cuckservative".

Now the Daily Caller's Matt Lewis, Redstate's Erick Erickson, and Tommy Christopher from the Daily Banter are hand-wringing about their perceived definition of what a "Cuckservative" is. I'm here to clear the air, and Trump the competition.

Lewis, Erickson, and Christopher seem to have latched on to the idea that a "Cuckservative" is a Christian who votes. This is not a correct definition unless Christianity necessarily means holding on to milquetoast, apologetic, self-destructive beliefs and voting upon those beliefs--but Christianity doesn't necessarily mean any of those things. There are Christians on both sides here. Only one side is actually trying to fight for future relevancy.

Lewis et al have attributed a racist element to the term "Cuckservative". Cuckservative as a slur does indeed have racial implications, but you really need to look in a mirror if you want to call it racist.

A Cuckservative is someone who votes for policies that will ultimately ensure that:

  1. Liberals get their way on nearly every issue. Cuckservatives lose on Immigration or even openly advocate for more. They lose on Healthcare. They lose on abortion. They lose on every issue they care about.

  2. That white people will become a minority in the United States in this century.

and, ultimately,

  1. That conservatism, and the GOP itself will completely lose all political relevancy within our lifetimes, possibly within the next ten years, due to 1) and 2) above.

Now I know there is going to be a lot of hand-wringing about number 2, but lets look at the facts here:

  1. White people vote more conservatively. They are the base. The very ideals of this country and the idea of liberty as we know it is a categorically anglo-saxon ideology shared, actually, by very few other groups. Without the white people, and without the white majority, there is no more Western Civilization. There is no more liberty. As we've seen, had only white people voted in the 2012 Election, Romney would have won in the biggest landslide since Nixon-McGovern. Why is it "Racist" and evil to advocate for a group of people and the ideas that they hold on to and created?

  2. White people, as a group, are shrinking. They're being replaced by immigrants. Mexican immigrants. Mexican immigrants who, their entire lives, have been under the Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI) party government, which competes with the Partido de la Revolución Democrática (PRD). Both of these parties are members of Socialist International. Sounds "Natural Conservative" to me, bro. You look around at all the Latino Countries, you see openly Marxist and Socialist governments all over the place. Because the majority of Latinos aren't fucking conservative and will not, nor will they ever vote for you.

What happens when you put those together, Cuckservative? You fucking lose all political relevancy. You lose on everything. You have lost this country and you have lost Western Civilization as a whole. So what we're going to do is bring it back. And that requires a strong horse. Cuckservativism has been on the rise for decades now. This stupid, pandering, milquetoast left-wing "Conservativism" that isn't actually looking to "Conserve" anything at all.

Jeb Bush.

Have you seen a politician more pathetic and truly, openly cuckolded? Watching, even begging while a Mexican immigrant has his way with Western Civilization. Pandering, openly, for the votes of people who will by and large never vote for him.

Lindsey Graham.

Is anyone more snivelling? How many times did South Carolina vote for this clown? You trusted this man, if you can call him a man, with the West? With your future? What the fuck, South Carolina.

George W. Bush. John McCain. Mitt Romney.

And then you see Donald Trump.

You ask, "Why"? Why are his poll numbers skyrocketing? Why is he getting away with saying things a normal politician would never say?

Because we're sick of your shit.

Now, I'm not saying that a billionaire reality TV star is going to save the West. But, damn, you have to start somewhere. Real, right-wing Americans are looking for someone who isn't afraid of being called racist by people who hate him and would never have voted for them anyway.

The Cuckservatives have bowed to the left for years, recoiling in fear every single time a leftist, who, once again, will never vote for them anyway calls them "racist", "sexist", "homophobic", etc.

Cuckservatives have gone up on the presidential debate stage for years and have begged and apologized and spent half of their stage time explaining that they aren't racist and that they're sorry that they believe in neoliberal economics. What person would ever, in their right minds, be attracted to that shit? Who are you pandering to? Why do you seek the approval of those that hate you? Why do you fear their shit-slinging?

Donald Trump doesn't fear any of that shit. He's unapologetic. He's advocating for policies that will ensure that the right remains strong and relevant for years to come. He's pushing back on the Overton window in a way that has not been done in decades.

He wants to stop third world socialists from pouring into our borders and destroying everything we hold sacred.

And yet you ask, "Why"?

Despite your media dogs on both side of the spectrum trying to stump the Trump, attacking like rabid animals, he is on the rise. He is not backing down. He is making you look like weak, pandering cucks, sitting in the corner while he fucks your wife.

Instead of attacking. You should be emulating.

Right Wing Americans are shouting. They're telling you that you're fired.

The Trump Train isn't stopping. You can either die at the altar of your cuckoldry and jump in front of it (Perry, Graham, Santorum, Rubio, Bush), run next to it (Paul, Cruz) or hop in and take a fucking seat.


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Bob Steinberg is an edgy right winger living in the American Midwest.