Please Insert Cassette Number Two

At the Nutroots Nation 2015 conference, Jewish socialist candidate Bernie Sanders attempted to talk over a horde of screaming dindus hollering about #BlackLivesMatter. Some limp-wristed beta faggot wrote a pretty good summary of it from the self-hating cuckold point of view (trigger warning: signalarity), so I'll be brief. The elderly Jew thought that he was owed control of the situation, and the dindus didn't give it to him and staged a chimpout.

All is proceeding as I have foreseen, of course. Before America becomes majority-minority, the Democratic Party will become supermajority-minority. The left-wing Jews who serve as the intellectual vanguard of the left truly believe that once every border has been opened, every white man has been cucked, and white hegemony is drowned in a sea of brown, they will remain firmly in control, secure in their sinecures at universities and the Democratic Party. They don't understand that the hordes of Latins, Muslims, and blacks don't have any interest in being their tools. They have their own interests, and once they're in control, well, you've seen Detroit. They aren't bedazzled by tangled arugments or twisted appeals to their own values; they have no inhibition against using raw force to get what they want.

This would be funny if it weren't terrifying. As the elderly vanguard of the Left loses control of its own party, so too will we lose control of America.

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