#RemoveTheGraves Campaign

Here at The Right Stuff, we're committed to spreading a message of tolerance, inclusion, and equality. When the fervor to take down the Confederate flag took off in the American heart, we were overjoyed. It's 2015 and that's 150 years late as far as we're concerned. Sadly, this country has a long way to go. Campaigns like #TakeDownTheFlag and #noflaggingchallenge are important parts in this battle against intolerance but we feel like things should be taken a step further. That's why we're starting a new hash tag campaign called #RemoveTheGraves. The graves of Confederate soldiers should be removed from this planet and the bodies of Confederate soldiers should be incinerated in large ovens. These racist monsters don't deserve to 'rest in peace' for their complicity in slavery and White supremacy. Please help out this campaign by making it viral! Spread it everywhere! I need volunteers to post these pictures any time you see the Confederate flag and Confederate monuments being mentioned on the internet. Make sure you pair the #RemoveTheGraves tag with other viral tags like #TakeDownTheFlag and #noflaggingchallenge to let every social justice activist know that we're in this fight together.

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For the purrrrrity of the race.