Jews Explaining Jews Vol. II: Controlled Opposition

A couple of months ago I published a video of Ben Shapiro explaining to the uninitiated that the majority of jews are communist fucks. Although Shapiro obviously had ulterior motives and inserted his own obfuscations and half-truths like a good neocon, his video served as a great introduction to those who would refuse to touch the jewish problem with a twenty-foot pole.

To continue in this spirit I've decided to make this an ongoing thing. Today I'm featuring the controversial Israeli-born jazz musician and activist Gilad Atzmon. Atzmon no longer considers himself a jew and before you stop the record, allow me to explain. Much like the anti-White crowd 'deconstructs' race to turn the word 'White' into a negative sign defined entirely by the oppression of people of color (non-Whites), Atzmon reverses this model and places the oppressor role entirely onto the 'jew'. Although he doesn't specifically say it, to be a jew is to oppress the Goyim. To hold onto jewish identity is to be complicit in a system of universal jewish supremacy and oppression. How's that for turning the postmodern left's jargon against them? It's a neat trick to be sure and I fully support the general idea but there are obvious criticisms to be made. Anticipating the reply that he is simply trying to justify the continued existence of the jews among the Goyim through crypsis, he openly admits that he himself is part of the very controlled opposition he seeks to uncover. This is probably the reason the video I'm posting claims that he's a Mossad agent. Whether he is or not is irrelevant to the idea he demonstrates below. Enjoy this fascinating explanation of how jews develop controlled opposition to turn all world events into an internal feud between jews and deflect anti-Semitic critiques. Our whole lives we've been taught to regard our history as Eurocentric and White Supremacist, yet the history of the last few centuries has revolved entirely around the jews making everything about themselves and their problems. This is from The Final Piece Of The Jigsaw (Jewgsaw):

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For the purrrrrity of the race.