Very Problematic Vexillographs

South Carolina’s state senate has voted to remove the Confederate battle flag from the Civil War memorial on its Capitol grounds, part of the ongoing iconoclasm in the United States between Whites and anti-White cultural forces. This comes despite the senate having a Republican majority, but as I have pointed out previously, Republicans are cucks on White cultural issues. So much for conservatism and having faith in politics; Republicans and Democrats have united against a disputed symbol to signal their progressiveness:

A bill to banish the flag from the Capitol grounds to a museum easily passed a third and final vote in the Senate by a 36-3 margin and is now headed for debate in the state's House of Representatives. … The bill may face a stiffer challenge in the House of Representatives but is still expected to pass and could be approved as early as Thursday. South Carolina's Republican governor, Nikki Haley, says she will remove the flag immediately if the law is passed.

What I find most telling here is that a racially White and Republican-majority state government headed by an Asian Indian woman, Nimrata Nikki Randhawa Haley is telling White Southerners to erase the memory of their ancestors and their heritage. And at a governmental level, they are complying with it. White leaders have bent their knees at the protests of angry leftists and non-Whites, which will not absolve them of their “racism,” by the way. Those goalposts are on the move. Republicans still aren’t going to win the White liberal, the black, or the Hispanic vote by signaling anti-racism. If you hate your base so much consider switching parties.

But really, Nimrata Nikki Randhawa? I’ve pointed this out before, but shouldn’t that be causing some cognitive dissonance? If Whites aren’t supposed to tell people of color what to do, think or feel because they aren’t people of color, and need to respect the experiences of lives of color, why aren’t we seeing it upheld both ways? Randhawa is not a White Southerner; why is she allowed to declare what White Southerners can and cannot do, think or feel? It is improbable that any Asian Indians died for the Confederacy or lived in there in notable numbers; within the left’s own identity paradigm then where does she get her authority? Could you imagine if this were the other way around? Are the feelings and experiences of White Southerners invalidated by those of people of color? Are they our cultural censors, telling us what we should and shouldn’t express? By what authority do they claim this privilege? It seems we’ve gone from respect, tolerance, and having a conversation directly to what could be called non-White supremacy, the belief that non-Whites are morally and socially superior to Whites and that Whites must submit to their decrees. Your ancestors are bad people who died for slavery, and you have huwhyte privledge and that's bad and you can atone for it by disappearing along with your vexillographs. What's pretty transparent is that they never wanted a conversation; they wanted to force their program of thought-policing, iconoclasm, and Diversity.

But wait, aren’t White Republicans the ones voting to remove Confederate iconography from the South? True, but it is also true that most of them were anti-White to begin with. Do you really think the likes of Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney care one iota about Anglo-Americans? They don’t even have good credentials as civic nationalists; both try to signal to liberals as hard as possible. So really, we have a two-fold problem here: the leftist hodgepodge of Democrats/non-Whites and cuckservative Republicans who are traitors to their White base. Both groups have agitated for iconoclasm and both are anti-White. The Confederate battle flag was just a low-hanging fruit.

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