Always Capitalize The Word 'White'


Fuck these people. Always capitalize 'White' when referring to the White Race. Make it a thing. Why? Because it triggers leftists, that's why. It's a great microaggression.

Other suggestions from The Right Stuff Writing Style Guide include always capitalizing words like 'Right-Wing', 'Conservative', 'Fascism', 'Patriarchy', and so on while always putting words like 'left-wing', 'liberal', 'jew', or 'feminism' in lowercase. Exceptions should be made if the words are part of a title to an article but to really max out your shitlording you can intentionally leave these words in lowercase in an article title as well. Other words for ethnic groups and races should be spelled in uppercase ('Chinese', 'African', etc), as can the words 'Dindu Nuffin' or 'SJW'.

However you work these rules into your writing, always capitalize 'White' when referring to the White Race.

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For the purrrrrity of the race.