Right Wing Trolls Can Win

"Do something!"

We've heard it before. Being on the Internet and trolling people is the opposite of doing something. Real reactionaries stockpile ammunition in their cabin and plan up shooting rampages to spark the RAHOWA...or something. Aside from the possibility that such individuals are FBI agents trying to snare you into doing something illegal, the refrain to 'do something' is very tiresome. ISIS became the most powerful terrorist group in the world because of flashy Internet videos. The Arab Spring basically began on Twitter. SJWism hatched from the obscure gremlin cocoons of Tumblr and is now adopted by every mainstream liberal publication. Hordes of bloodthirsty leftists are waiting to doxx you and ruin your life. If you're alive in the year 2015 and you don't understand the power of the interwebz you're an idiot. The culture war is being fought daily from your smart phone. 'Doing something' is not only easier than ever, it has a greater long term psychological impact and is usually much more legal than going Dylan Roof on a church. Why is it easier and more efficient? Because leftists can't into trolling, that's why.

Yes, we can win.

It might seem laughably ridiculous to suggest that trolling leftists on the internet will have any kind of real world impact. Aren't we just deluding ourselves if we think that anyone gives a damn about a comment on some website?

Consider the following:

The Washington Post BRW Salon Capital New York The Daily Beast and The Daily Stormer

The Daily What The Daily Stormer Radix Swedish Weekly

Now ask yourself, aside from the Bornstein incident, were any of these actions illegal? No. They were perfectly legitimate actions that caused massive psychological and financial damage to the political left. The targets were malicious human beings, not innocent victims. Behind the left's stated desire to spread equality and tolerance are vengeful, snobby, and calculating monsters who will lie, censor speech, threaten and publically attack anyone who disagrees with them, rent-seek off of the productive, play victim to exploit the sympathies and pocket books of good people, and just ruin Western Civilization in general. It is not the least bit surprising that they are going to step up their efforts to eliminate trolling through the very state apparatus they are always complaining about. Along the way they have been pushing the narrative that trolls have Dark Tetrad personality traits in order to deny that we even have legitimate points or are even engaged in political warfare.

This isn't surprising.'Experts' like Chris Mooney have a history of pathologizing rightwingers. It's an old tradition that stretches back to Bob Altemeyer and Theodore Adorno✡. Of course, leftist trolls and hackers like subsections of Anonymous are cyber angels who are fighting for social justice. It is the left, as I'm constantly reminded, that has a complex and nuanced view of things rather than thinking in black-and-white and us-versus-them. Sure. Even if we really are all psychopaths hiding behind a computer screen, it's not much of a problem considering we're fighting pathological liars and sadists who stand idly by while thousands of children are raped by Muslim immigrants, cheer on hordes of rioting blacks that destroy entire cities, flood our country with violent drug cartels, raise communist mass murderers to sainthood, and promote the complete destruction of civilization.

What of the spotlight on trolling now? The left establishment is actually at a loss of a solution for once. WARNING! The author of this article is so Jewish you will probably shatter every glass object within a fifty mile radius when you open the link. Please wear combat-approved ear and eye protection:

"Years of interacting on the Web with right-wingers have taught me: to engage with right-wing trolls is to play into their hands.

The first conclusion I drew was that there must be something amiss in their way of thinking, at least about political matters, that made them ineducable. Their arguments so often had no substance, but seemingly relied on slogans and bald assertions creating reality by magic. Paul Krugman talks about "zombie ideas" -- ideas that have been killed, but somehow keep on coming -- and that fits the way the right-wing trolls keep pushing their repertoire of arguments, no matter the logic or the evidence.

But I've learned that there's more to it than just bad thinking.

Many of us in Liberal America learned to regard ideas as a way to capture the truth. But ideas in the world of the right-wing troll don't seem to be about truth. Instead, they are tools to use in political combat. Any crazy statements will do, if they help gain advantage over the enemy, the 'librels'.

These trolls do not argue in good faith because, in their code, good faith in dealing with the enemy is not required."

The projection is staggering. Show me a leftist that wants to argue in good faith and not with an endless stream of snark. That being said, this article tells us a lot. If the left wants to tar everyone who disagrees with them with the 'troll' label, then they have tactically given up their ability to reason with those on the fence. This plays into our hands, because presenting facts and arguments can pull in recruits. They have created this bizarre self-assuring narrative whereby they are fighting off an endless horde of insane and evil people while holding the walls of the Castle of Truth/Temple of Dildolech.

This narrative is so entrenched that the left is now making shitty videogames about it:

"In Social Justice Warriors, you’re on the front lines of arguing on the Internet. From behind a keyboard, you take on the horde of racist, sexist trolls who turned the term ‘social justice warrior’ into an attack on anyone who advocates for better gender and racial politics in video games. With the game’s debut on the popular Steam computer game platform in February, it’s now in front of a much larger audience. So I gave it a try.

Social Justice Warriors sounds pretty clear-cut. You fight with trolls one-by-one, lowering their sanity and reputation with arguments and personal attacks, while trying to keep your own sanity and reputation from dropping too low and forcing you to log off. They attack with all-too-real troll arguments, things like “if he didn’t want to get shot, he shouldn’t have dressed like that.” It’s enough to get your blood boiling."

Take a few moments to laugh at this. Another delusion the left is working with is the oft-repeated claim that all right-wing trolls are paid. Trust me, if I could get paid to troll all day and night I would have fifty computers, weigh 400 lbs, and be an alcoholic, sex-deprived, diabetic land whale who turned albino from lack of sunlight. Hell, we could save Western Civilization from the comfort of our couch and have loads of fun doing it. Does being an NSA troll count?

This raises a question. Say what you will about leftists but they are the all time champions of propaganda and deception. Sorry my Fash and NatSoc friends, but commies did it first and did it best. Given their ability to not only compulsively lie but also believe their own lies, you'd think that leftists would be master trolls. Leftists, for whatever reason, can't into trolling. Suppose that 90% of the commentators and writers for this website are just liberals pretending to be right-wing lunatics. What is the end game? What do they accomplish?

Hateful Heretic provided me with a theory that sounds like a perversion of Mao:

"Trolling is the antithesis of propaganda. Propaganda is conventional warfare. Trolling is guerilla warfare. The propagandist's strength comes from his control. He must be confident in his supreme belief that he controls all his channels of communication and the ability to squelch or quarantine counterpropaganda. The troll exists solely to rattle this confidence, to make him feel that even his own means of communication are not truly his."

This is our ticket. The left won by seizing control of media and academia. With the Internet, they lost control of the narrative.

Every comment section they shut down, every comment they delete...only makes us stronger.

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