The Policy Stuff II

I certainly did not expect the priests of Dildolech to go in as raw, fast, and hard as they did the last few days. My angus was insufficiently peppered, to say the least. The spectacle of plebe-tier conservatives lining up to strike down the South certainly made me sad.

While our annuli are still chafed, while the great ceremonial banners of Dildolech are still flying, I want to talk about real short-to-medium-term political strategy. By this I mean the policy ideas we need to promote to anyone who gives a sympathetic ear. If you attend a Tea Party meeting, if you discuss politics with blue-pill conservatives, if you call into a nationally syndicated talk show, if you have a podcast, if you blog, if you post on forums, we need brief policy slogans. These need to be memes that most conservatives don't have built-in immunities against, correspond to policies that shift the Overton Window substantially in the right direction, and can be used to marshal the far more substantial numbers of blue-pill conservatives to our side.

This has happened before. At various times in the last 70 years, the left has taken severe losses on gun rights, abortion, taxation, unions, law enforcement, and free speech. So don't be such a negative Nancy. The situation is dire, but all is not lost.

  • The 1965 Immigration Act must be repealed. This is the first and easiest point of our counterattack. The vast majority of conservatives and a substantial fraction of Democrats don't want open borders. But "We need better border security" is too vague and translates into no action, because no two people even agree on what that means. It also tends to turn into rent-seeking. A "smart fence" is just a right-wing solar farm.

  • No-fault divorce must be ended in all 50 states. Unfortunately, much like abortion, homosexual "marriage" is now part Constitutional law. And like abortion, it will be used as a litmus test to block the nomination of justices. However, much like pro-life activists have successfully fought back against abortion in many states merely by requiring abortion butchers to follow the same health regulations hospitals do, we can fight back against gay marriage by making marriage unappealing for homosexuals and EPL divorces unappealing for women.

  • Anti-discrimination law was needed in the 1960s, but it's outlived its usefulness and must be ended. Yes, the first sentence is false. But so what? We can't undo the past. Conservatives have won victory after victory against labor unions by allowing the left to define the past, which is dead, in exchange for defining the present and future, which is alive. When Republicans actually unite for a cause, the annihilation of the Democrats is always total. I believe we can use this tactic against anti-discrimination law, and this can happen in our time. The Fair Housing Act must be repealed. Title IX must be repealed. The Voting Rights Act must be repealed. This won't happen until the majority of Republican voters feel that if there was a moral imperative for anti-discrimination law, there is no longer.

  • The disparate impact doctrine violates the Fourteenth Amendment. It must be banned by Congress. I know, the 14th sucks. But it's part of the national religion and probably won't go anywhere in our lifetimes, so I think it will be more effective to leverage its status as a religious totem against itself. Disparate impact is codified into several pieces of legislation, which must be repealed. Legislation barring the courts from using that rationale to interpret any existing Act would be ideal. Alternative slogan: "People aren't the same, so the disparate impact doctrine is anti-science."

  • The universities are lost. They must be cut off from all federal funds. There are times when defeatism is good. Too many conservatives still think the universities are salvageable, and the status of academia in the civic hierarchy is still unassailable. Conservatives must be made to feel that whatever reform they might have imagined is now completely out of reach, that the only possible course of action is to choke off the life-blood to the Dildolech seminaries that flows out of Sallie Mae. It's all bathwater and no baby.

  • Section 8 once had a noble purpose, but it is now being used to destroy peaceful neighborhoods. The program must be totally repealed. Again, let people tell whatever fairy tales about the 1930s they want so you can segue into defining today's problem for conservatives. The importance of this mental hack can't be understated. We won on unions because no matter what a liberal said about the morality of labor movement in the early 20th century, the conservative automatically thought, "Yes, but that time has ended."

Obviously, continuing to disseminate statistics on race and crime will remain important. The value of real photographs of black-on-white violence on people's psyches also cannot be discounted. We also need to be as diligent in raising public awareness of Standard Fuck Parties and lesbian domestic violence. However, we also need short, sweet, concrete policy slogans that have a real chance of propagating beyond the alt-right. A moral, ideological, or historical statement must be indissolubly mated to a concrete call to action in a way that appeals to the average conservative.

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