Conservatives Are Hopelessly Confused

I like a point. They might be a bit dim and not so up to speed on the history of things, but they are still my friends, family, and neighbors. They have their hearts in the right place. Going by a broad brush definition, we're all just a more potent breed of conservatives with some special snowflake labels. No enemies to the Right, as they say.

There are times, however, where I seriously feel like mainstream conservatives are not only not useful but are actually liabilities. Behold this sad car accident of a conversation:

Next time you see some conservatards spouting this type of nonsense, do them a favor and correct their mistakes. We're allowing otherwise good people to get away with saying completely dumb shit that tarnishes the intellectual credibility of the Right. They don't deserve a pass for spreading ignorance. If they still can't wrap their heads around it, just ignore them and move on, it's not worth it. InB4 electionzal politics is stoopid, racewur now.

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For the purrrrrity of the race.