A Yankee Loses His Shit

The blatant status signaling over the Confederate flag in the last few days has me about ready to cash it in. I get it. You're a really good person. Southern whites who keep that rebel flag around are really bad people, and so is anyone who defends them. Thank God that he sent that young man to kill nine people so that you'd have an opportunity to show everyone else what a good person you are, how much better-bred you are than Southern white trash.

God, it feels so good to collectively blame this crime on people we hate, doesn't it? Can't blame terrorism on Muslims. Can't blame a disastrously high black murder rate on black people. Can't blame single motherhood or child murder on women. Can't blame a degenerate entertainment industry on Jews. But by golly, those toothless hicks down in Dixie with those rebel flags and their racism...now there's a real out-group we can all be united against. Can't have an in-group without an out-group to posture against in order to maintain status. Sorry, Southern whites, you're it, and dead black people are just another way for us to gain advantage against you.

You all disgust me. You're disgusting people. Nine innocent people are dead, and all you can think about is writing some self-important pseudophilosophical blather about how much Southerners suck and how they all need to feel real bad and to some degree personally guilty about this.

I'm not a Southerner at all. I like to imagine heaven as one endless March to the Sea under the blessed visage of William T Sherman. But if we Yankees don't have to feel real bad about the wreckage of Detroit, about the depredations of the financial industry, about the degradation of all that is good and right spewing out of New York TV studios, and about everything else that goes wrong up here, then you can go right straight to hell if you want me to join you in your preening little parade over how much better we are than them.

Four white people tied up, murdered, and burned in DC? No big deal. Talking about black-on-white crime gets you disapproval from the people you want to impress. It's probably racist of me to even know that happened. Five people shot in church in Baton Rouge? Who cares! Killer was black! Eight dead in Tyrone, Missouri? Gross, they were all small-town whites. There's no angle for me to work there, no way to let everyone know just how righteous I really I am.

Don't act like your blog posts and Facebook statuses are about racism, or about blacks, or about the killing. They're about you. I see it right through it, and you disgust me. You are disgusting, loathsome people, and there is no depth to which you will not stoop to morally posture.

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