Luis Gutierrez is a Traitor

As I write this I’m drunk with rage, my LARPing circuitry in overdrive my outrage gauges flashing “Danger”. You see, I watched this video:

In it you will see Ann Coulter braving the liberal hive mind in one of its own bastions. You should watch the whole thing but the particular part of the video that sent my jimmies into fucking orbit was listening to Luis Gutierrez speak. No it’s not only his liberal white presenting combo of smug snark+grin or the fact that he combines that with an unbearable Latinou (emphasis on the u!) accent –specially pronouncing the word ‘Latino’- no, it’s his basically open threat of extortion to white Americans and the GOP. Listen for yourself it starts around 6:01.

Look, thirty million, twelve million [illegals in the US]…I would just say one thing: Worry about the fifty million Latinos in the United States of America that are here legally. Worry about them, that fifty million who care, and care deeply. Because the many people who you [Coulter] refer to as murderers and rapists and criminals and people that are on welfare; are their aunts, their uncles, their classmates, they work with them. These are people they care about. So what I think what Ann Coulter and Donald Trump are doing is just revving up, you know, it’s like a Latino registration machine because every time they say these things…Eh, I say this quite seriously. A million Latinos turn eighteen every year in the United States of America, and Ann they’re all American citizens and here’s what happens; they become the basis of the new American coalition; young people, Latinos, immigrants, African-Americans, Asians it’s gay people, people that care about the environment. Look, you’re never going to take the White House again with this kind of politics ever again.

Did you see that, did you catch it? We should worry about the Latinos that can vote because baby, they’re going to punish you at the polls for not bending over to their whims (their whims of course being to have this country overrun by the very people their ancestors were running away from). He doesn’t present a case fair and equitable compromise based on different interests, he doesn’t even appeal to emotions, he goes straight to threat/extortion; stop saying mean things about Latino immigrants or we will take this country from you using the processes and institutions your people created. Luis Gutierrez can openly -and with no consequence- threaten Americans with taking their country away from them with a coalition of non-whites. This motherfucker can say that with a smile and the white liberal audience gives him applause. They are fucking traitors, the lot of them. Gutierrez is a US congressman yet clearly only cares about foreigners and their well-being. Liberals are liberals, can’t spell traitor without them.

This threat is nominally directed at the GOP, but we already know that the GOP is basically an avatar for white Anglo-Americans. Fuck you Luis Gutierrez. This is why it is suicide for the Republicans to try to bend over backwards to get the Latino vote. Republicans won’t get it, because these people are vindictive resentful high-time-preference and entitled. They are used not to self-reliance and individual responsibility but on barely getting on by with someone else’s money. This whole idea of republicans getting the Latino vote is liberals having you waste time and effort in a futile endeavor while they complete their demographic shift. Anglo-American interests, temperance and attitudes are incompatible with those of these ungrateful traitorous mongrels.

Let me make this clear: Latinos DO NOT understand America. Latinos, hate us; they hate Anglo-Americans because in their minds they’ve arrived at the conclusion that the US became great by cheating and exploiting them by stealing land from Mexico and resources from the rest of the continent. Mexicans in particular harbor deep resentments against America. They think that somehow they would've created Hollywood and Silicon Valley if they had retained the South West.

But remember, these threats are not coming from a Mexican. Luis Gutierrez is of Puerto Rican descent. Puerto Rico, a country protected and favored by the United States. This is how he pays you back. By siding with foreigners that have nothing to do with him -other than that ill conceived "Latino" identity. Traitor.

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