Stuff Black People Don't Like: Getting Shot In Church

Our dear old friend Chauncey Devega is at it again! He struck a blow against white supremacy with his reaction to the South Carolina AME Baptist Church massacre. A virtuoso masterpiece of context denial, Chauncey penned 8 serious questions you won't see the media asking whites in the wake of this violent crime:

1. What is radicalizing white men to commit such acts of domestic terrorism and mass shootings? Are Fox News and the right-wing media encouraging violence?

Well, last time I checked, Faux News WAS in fact owned and operated by Jews, so that's a good question. Seriously though, when white men are constantly barraged with the idea that their country doesn't belong to them and that they should welcome with open, gaping rectums the demographic displacement the ruling class has planned for them, you might end up with some radicalized white individuals.

2. Is something wrong with the white family? Why are their sons and men so violent?

IS something wrong with the white family? I mean, the white nuclear family is under constant attack from race mixers, gay, trans and otherkin activism, even from good 'ol Nickelodeon. Someone obviously thinks the white family is an entity that needs to be physically removed.

3. What should law enforcement and white politicians do about white crime?

Continue to apprehend and prosecute white criminals. You know, with all that fancy due process magic we use to make sure heroes like Darren Wilson walk free from their obvious yet evidence-free crimes.

4. Is the Charleston mass shooting just one more sign that America needs sensible and reasonable gun control policies?

Excellent question! A more important question is "is there any tragedy the left in America won't stoop to using for political gain?" Every disaster is an opportunity! I can't wait to get that Democrat Party fundraising email citing the Koch Brothers and their racist friends indoctrinating kids like Dylann Roof into murdering harmless black churchgoers as a reason to send money for the 2016 campaign!

5. Where are the white fathers in the white home?

See, you kinda jumped the shark there. I know you're trying to be cute and all, but really? When dindus du fings, and whitey asks why black fathers aren't sticking around to raise their sons to ack rite, it's because 7 out of 10 black babies are abandoned by they daddies. As of now, it only happens to about 3 in 10 of white babies. Trending upwards, of course, goy. As of this writing, there aren't a lot of details available about our pal Dylann Roof, but I wouldn't be surprised if his life was similar to that of Adam Lanza's. Divorced parents and therefore lacking a male role model.

6. When will white leadership step up and stop white right-wing domestic terrorism?

The question I'm sure you meant to ask is "Where are all the white leaders standing up for this young man and declaring his innocence? He Didn't Do Anything and was Getting His Life Together!" Again, different actors, different situations. Blacks circle the wagons around every accused teen and honor student who blows a random person away for their Air Jordans. Whites look down on their criminals.

7. Is White American culture pathological? Why is White America so violent?

Again, I see what you tried to do there, but see my answer to point (5). Black America is violent. Black Violence is a daily occurring phenomenon in the United States. With the exception of last night's bloodshed, any white violence visited on blacks is police activity in response to black violence (black on black or otherwise). This question can only be asked from behind the suffocating veil of Total Context Denial. Unless of course you were referring to our massive slam dunk conquering of this continent a while back, well, cry about it some more. We'll still be here building infrastructure, innovating, creating and using this land like no one else ever would or could when you're done.

8. Are there appropriate role models for white men and boys? Could better role models and mentoring help to prevent white men and boys from committing mass shootings and being seduced by right-wing domestic terrorism?

White Role Models?! Yes, there are countless white role models. But, our elites have spent the last half a century recasting our great white American role models as racists, faggots (not that there's anything wrong with it!), pedophiles, cheats and thieves. And, to make sure that no NEW white role models pop up, Hollywood and the big publishing houses are constantly trying to cram POCs, Strong, Independent Women and Warrior Princesses down our throats. I'm pretty sure the only straight white male character in Goy of Thrones who's still alive and somewhat respectable is the halfling speed-bump motherfucker. But I digress. This question was sort of a throwaway. I'm more concerned with the sentence that followed it:

Once and again, white privilege is the power to be the ultimate individual where one’s actions and behavior rarely if ever reflects on the collective character of white people en masse.

The concept that our old pal Chauncey can't wrap his mind around is that White Privilege is nothing more than the collective reputation of the members of the Anglo-White race is better than that of blacks and other groups. Some of that reality stems from the concept of in-group trust and preference, but even more of it comes from being a demonstrable and empirical reality. Every metric we can use to measure the success of a human being, when controlled for race, puts the white man ahead of the black man. The specific trait we're examining in this case is criminality. Violent criminality. It is no secret that blacks commit violent crime at a far higher rate than whites do. It is because of this fact that when a white man engages in the sort of violent act that is routine Tuesday afternoon activity in Chicago, no one asks any of the eight questions above. And no one will.

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