Pathological Altruism

Kevin MacDonald’s recent talk at the London Forum delved into the causes of that most pathological of white behavior – altruism. KMac poses the theory that northern European peoples sexually selected for certain traits that made them open, trusting and accepting of outsiders. In an environment where winters were harsh, the growing seasons short and population sizes were limited by crushing scarcity, the selected traits were adaptive, leading to successful reproduction and the building of that most unique of all human civilizations, The Open Society. Trust, altruism, individuality and other distinctly European characteristics made possible the monumental achievements of the West.

The world does not stand still however and what may once have been a successful strategy for group survival can, with a change in circumstances, become maladaptive if sexual selection is not able to respond adequately to newer challenges. In the age of petroleum, a seismic shift in the migration patterns of human populations has meant that the northern Europeans are using old genetic equipment to play against new competitors on their own home turf. Ironically, our competitors are the very beneficiaries of European genius; without Europe, there are no technological marvels to whisk a dindu from Dindustan into the bustling streets of Berlin or Paris.

Mr. Darwin handed out varied gifts to all of his races and the Europeans were blessed enough to get – among many others – technology and altruism. But now the former is in conflict with the latter; the altruism that was once a boon has turned into a pathology that actively militates against the good of whites where ever they live. This is the theory.

As an explanations go, pathological altruism as a phenotypical phenomenon is both compelling and cheerless since in KMac’s presentation, the biological foundation of white behavior has taken millennia to establish and cannot be speedily modified when confronted with new immediate pressures. White nationalism supplants economics as the dismal science.

Given the demographic plight and the manifest lack of racial consciousness among whites, white nationalists are not left with an easy answer to the question, “What now bitches?” Pathological altruism seems a kind of biological pre-determinism – an iron box – that cannot be escaped from in time to stave off white demographic collapse. There aren’t really any compelling strategies for solving – or at least mitigating – it. It’s in our DNA…

Even if one could “fix” the genetic plumbing that make whites maladaptive as a race in the present epoch, philosophically, would doing so destroy white personality traits? As a northern European, I am biased towards preserving all of what makes Europeans European. I don’t have to change, the world has to change.

If the Cat Lady next door could be forced to take the potion that would shut off her constant ethno-masochism and chronic sense of social justice outrage, turning her into something more tribal, less open, less trusting, would she still be white or some other new species? Would such a magic potion signal the end of the white race and the beginning of something fitter or more interesting than the commenters on TRS?

Hard to say, but I find it an interesting thought exercise even if gene therapy is turning out to be far more dauting than the heralds of the 21st century – the Age of Biological Revolution – let on.

It’s 2015, but we’ve seen precious little in the way of new gene-based treatments for old ailments, never mind cures for genetically induced “bad” behavior. Medical therapies for pathological altruism are not on the horizon. Given that we are just a few decades from a time when no whites will have their own nation, panting after a timely magic pill – a real red pill – to fix things is unrealistic.

With this in mind, a bigger concern is that pathological altruism becomes an all-interpretative lens for rightists, a mental prison, such that it distorts our own ability to see our historical successes clearly. It seems we have met the enemy and he is us – or more precisely, the genetic estate left us by our racial forebears.

Because the pathology claims the whole vast expanse of the past as evidence of its operation in the present, it becomes too easy to overlook concrete cases where whites acted wholly and unabashedly for themselves. Pathological altruism is like the argument that Christianity is a mental virus which undoes white people and brings them low – it’s new and seems to pack an explanatory wallop. It’s just lain dormant in the noggins of Europeans for twenty centuries, waiting to hatch and then destroy all the honkies.

But consider: In every country where the Axis powers took control, local populations eagerly and willingly acted to remove Jews, gypsies and other undesirables from their midst. There was no kvetching about white privilege in the Baltic States, where the arrival of the Wehrmacht signaled open season on Jews who had aided and assisted in the slaughter and persecution of local Christians. Ditto Vichy France and her thousands of Nazi collaborators. Czechoslovakia, check.

The open conflict between Europeans and their overstayed guests was not just the pastime of a few enthusiastic hooligans with snappy uniforms; evidence indicates that the mass deportations were eagerly supported by European populations fed up with prolonged Jewish predations. From political leaders, to blue collar railway workers, to housewives, to the clergy, all classes within central European nations were happy to show the Jew to the door.

The European settlers of the New World had no problem harassing, starving, cheating, killing, raping and pushing Indians onto cramped, remote reservations where they get all liquored up. Hitler snarked that while America was the leader of the free and the good, she had exterminated between 50-100 million aboriginals to earn this title. The British were just as guilty of mistreating colonial populations.

History furnishes us with even hoarier examples of white resistance, ones which precede the post-Enlightenment period. The Reconquista, the slaughter of Jews along the Rhine River Valley during the medieval period, pogroms in Russia and so on. The war was fought also on the cultural and spiritual levels. A quo primum of Benedict XIV shows the Church of Rome in her Jew-wise days.

The Jews have so replaced the Christians that some parishes are about to lose their ministers because their revenue has dwindled so drastically. Because the Jews control businesses selling liquor and even wine, they are therefore allowed to supervise the collection of public revenues. They have also gained control of inns, bankrupt estates, villages and public land by means of which they have subjugated poor Christian farmers. The Jews are cruel taskmasters, not only working the farmers harshly and forcing them to carry excessive loads, but also whipping them for punishment. So it has come about that those poor farmers are the subjects of the Jews, submissive to their will and power. Furthermore, although the power to punish lies with the Christian official, he must comply with the commands of the Jews and inflict the punishments they desire. If he doesn't, he would lose his post. Therefore the tyrannical orders of the Jews have to be carried out.

Working under the memetic hypothesis of Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett developed the idea that language is a kind of virus. Religion is a particular form that piggy-backs off words to infect the minds of recipients with notions of divinity, after-life and God-in-Three-Persons. Religious claims of the miraculous have zero evidence, but thanks to the power of words, intelligent people can be made to believe them as though they are facts.

Think of someone like Sir John Polkinghorn, Cambridge physicist and former non-believer turned Anglican divine, or James Burnham, communist cum twentieth century era conservative.

If we apply this to understanding modern leftism, we begin to see that perhaps – just maybe – pathological altruism is not predominantly the expression of genes so much as the activity of a malicious ideological virus. The messages may vary wildly in their meanings, in their modes of transmission and in the reactions they induce in a victim. One may argue that the white race has an innate bias towards a category of ethnomasochistic memes, but I find little evidence of it in European history. Recent conditions have led to an unbalanced re-evaluation of the past. Not only is Christianity suspected, but biological whiteness itself is seen, to borrow from Mr. Hitler, as The Great Stab in the Back – TO OURSELVES!

I suggest here that there is a pathological altruism, but that it’s not a function of genetic bias. This is already tl;dr and I have a more extensive and totally unfounded theory for pathological altruism, one that is not bleak, is explanatory and has an answer to the question, “What now bitches?”

We might say that European man, having come into contact with new ideologically diseases (transmitted by emancipated Jews in their shift from the shtetl into gentile society), has an immune system that is not calibrated – initially – to resist them. Where the papacy for centuries acted as inoculate against Jewish Bolshevism, its diminishment has stripped the Body White of one its defenses. This is a very different proposition from saying that the European genetic inheritance, as such, is now pathologically prone to self-destruction.

I think there are also more immediate causes that relate to the short circuiting of normal, healthy expressions of altruism. Hint, it’s not a dildo, but the whole class of electric garage door openers.