The TRS Hwyte Commandments


Meet Christopher Driscoll, a visiting assistant professor at Lehigh University. In typical leftist campus fashion, he is the latest dildo of notice for he created a list for white people trying to fit in as better cuck go-, I mean cultural mar-, I mean activists for social justice. Titled "Ten Cracka Commandments", it was aimed to get whites to be good cucks and accept their fate of being overrun by nogs. Everything in these commandments is so typically dildo and ethnomasochist that makes it all the more angering. Instead of responding to this point by point, let me first give you a response summary of Christopher's piece.

He's a total cuck, one of the biggest. Him telling whites to be good placaters to a marauding horde of negros is sickening. Him denouncing "white privilege" is a simple way of renouncing his birthright of mastery. Shouting from the rooftops to everyone that #thuglivesmatter won't prevent you from getting robbed, or face "Knockout games" or flashmobs (the black kind not the SWPL kind) or any other instance of vibrancy for blacks are racial narcissists and they will not care about your endeavors, even for them. Signalling your basic leftism and having your family and friends do the same will not impress negroes for the same reason unless it's a SWPL-presenting dindo and really, they will find something else to bitch at you with anyway.

I don't care about your uncertainties for it is certain that if other whites embrace ethnomasochism, multiculturalism and everything similar, they are wishing for their death beds. It is not a matter of justice and comfort if whites have to live in a country where they have to reject their pride and accomplishments to placate a marauding horde of idiots to do whatever they want with them. You are wrong, sir. The more whites rejecting your ideas for their survival the better. This leads me to make a TRS Hwyte Commandments. Some credits also go to Fascinus. Here it goes:

  1. You must secure the existence of your people and a future for White Children. Heil Hitler!

  2. You must make no apologies for your race's past. With every one fault, you have more glorious days. No race has ever been "better" by flagellating themselves over the past. Neither should whites.

  3. Your "position" of a good life is the work and result of your ancestors wanting to make a better world. This is not "privilege", this is success.

  4. Signalling that you're "down with the [non-white] struggle" is a folly. The only struggle you should care about is the survival and prosperity of whites. Let the other races figure out how to be better themselves, it is not that hard.

  5. Remember, your "racism" is just the natural and healthy response and critique of another race. It shouldn't be you fault that some other race have undesired qualities.

  6. Never tolerate anti-racism, political cuckness, cultural Marxism or other forms of white hatred in white nations. Few people from outside races would care about you even if you did.

  7. You do have a culture and it's a great one. You do not have to apologize for it. It's yours so own it proudly.

  8. Don't rely on oven worthy people to make them stop being ovenworthy. Just oven them.

  9. Always embrace certainty. Death is certain. But so is the ability for you to control yours and your people's destiny.

  10. Never put white guilt ahead of justice. If you are more concerned to argue that you “aren’t racist” than you are with recognizing non-white criminality or institutionalized rent-seeking, your priorities are skewed. Do you want justice or comfort?

I hope you enjoy this and remember my friends, stay white.

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