Increase Your Power Level with These Simple Steps

Whether you have just joined the resistance or you are a battle-hardened shitlord, it is important to always strive for excellence. The jimmies you rustled last week were not the only ones left to slay, and our enemy (progressives) are always scheming. Incorporating some or all of these steps into your daily preparations can help elevate your game and ensure that you always come out on top against the liberal hordes. There are common threads throughout all these steps, but I have broken them down to what I consider the essentials. Feel free to mix and match them to suit your needs. Let's begin.

1. Know your enemy.

This seems obvious, but even the most experienced shitlord falls into this trap. Arguing with liberals and fending off their relentless dildo attacks is tiresome. Many of us have had periods of time where we isolate from progressive ideas. Sure, it's intellectually stimulating to study obscure political philosophy, but what is your enemy up to while you are distracted? Intelligence is the key to any war (the culture war, in this case). Consider reading extremist progressive sites regularly. The Daily Kos, Raw Story and Addicting Info are just a few of the sites I recommend. I hate them with a passion, but they are very open about the kind of degeneracy and idiocy they support, largely because they think that only the true believers frequent their sites. It isn't necessary to comment on the articles, only to be aware of the content. This information is valuable, and prior knowledge of the next wave allows you to both steel your jimmies and prepare rebuttals well in advance.

2. Make a list of things liberals support.

A list is necessary due to the constant shifting of the narratives, and a well researched list can be an invaluable tool. It allows you to easily discover inconsistencies in the progressive narrative that can later be used against them. Most importantly, however, a good accounting of things that liberals care about can help you avoid wasting time hating things that do not merit attention. Which brings us to Step 3...

3. Cross off anything that can be ignored.

Allow me to provide an example...let's say that you are residing in Arkansas, and it comes to your attention that progressives in Alaska are supporting local legislation that would make it legal for trans-racial midget albino Innuits to have sexual relations with their sled dogs. Ask yourself: does this really matter to you? Sure, it is obvious degeneracy, but while the example could be used as proof that progressives are disgusting and immoral people, realistically there is nothing you can or should do about this. Focus your efforts on agenda items with national affect.

4. Relentlessly mock anything left on the list.

If you've been doing your research and prioritizing well, you should now have a manageable list of things that are worthy of your scorn. Always research the topics you have left. Wield facts like the weapons they are. Government obtained statistics are the best for making your case when it comes to crime and societal trends, though scientific research should not be ignored. The more prepared you are, the more likely you are to humiliate any progressive who dares challenge your growing power level. Also, it should not be overlooked that having a short list of items to attack is good for your mental health as a shitlord. Often, the dildos seem to be swarming at you from all directions. Do not be overwhelmed. Prioritize your targets for optimum efficiency.

5. Methodically redpill your friends and family.

What good is it to be part of the resistance if you don't try to win? A clever shitlord will be ever mindful that there is strength in numbers. We need to effectively and efficiently counter the progressive narratives in our every day lives. Sitting in an echo chamber all day and not following through with action in the real world WILL NOT defeat liberalism. Would you hand them victory by default? I wouldn't. I won't. I already know that many of us have family and friends who are enraptured by the liberal narratives. This is precisely why knowing how to present a counter-argument is so essential. Don't just break down and scream "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeee" when you meet opposition. Defend your position with facts and logic. Which brings us to my final suggestion...

6. Keep your debate skills sharp.

You must argue, regularly, with your enemies. There is no substitute for experience in a debate. Your wits need be quick, your facts need be verified, your logic need be sound. There are lots of ways to get experience: Facebook debate groups, Disqus comment threads, real life debates, and many others. Don't get caught flat-footed. Train to win, and always keep your power level above 9000.

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