Psychological Hurdles to the Right

I’ve been thinking lately about how far I’ve come in terms of my political and social beliefs. It didn’t happen overnight. It was incremental; step-by-step, until I found myself the other day casually calling for the ovening of people who enjoy Harry Potter fan-fiction. Obviously there are bigger (gefilte) fish to fry, but nobody goes from being a basic-bitch fedora-tipping liberal faggot like I once was to being a Christian, more-or-less traditionalist, white-nationalist who mostly just wants these damn commies and their puppet-masters to get the hell out of my country overnight.

The problem with having these sorts of beliefs is that 99% of the people around you, especially in a city (I’m in a fairly liberal area so others of you, especially outside the US, may have better luck) are basic-bitch liberals or other various kind of dildo-worshiping or just milquetoast degenerates. It’s essentially impossible to talk to anybody about any subject that TRS broaches because they have so many prior beliefs that have to be overcome before they can turn their brains back on. They just don’t get it. They couldn’t possibly understand, not yet. The problem is not evidentiary; the evidence is abundant. That evidence is why we all at TRS believe what we believe (give or take our special snowflake particulars, which, as white people, we can handle having).

The real hurdles are almost purely psychological. I decided that, for my sake and maybe to spark interest and get ideas flowing in the readership, I would try and quantify what some of them are by looking at how I overcame the hurdles. This is by no means a comprehensive or exhaustive list, but I’d like to contribute to a more articulated TRS narrative.

Hurdle 1: Total human egalitarianism

This is a big one that most people don’t really think about. The idea that “all men are created equal” sure sounds nice to the average American. It evokes this sense of the American dream where any hard-working person can come here and carve themselves out a nice little slice of success and live a happy, comfortable life. This isn’t really incorrect; the problem is when you come in with this idea that every single human being has exactly equal capacity for participation in a modern economy and civilization. This is not the case, and a casual look at world history without the lens of egalitarianism would reveal this. The whiter a country becomes, the better it becomes. The reasons for this are obviously more nuanced, but believing in the narrative that all men are equal in capacity requires so many mental gymnastics and new and creative lines of reasoning that you end up with people who genuinely believe that “micro-aggressions” should be taken seriously as a form of oppression against non-whites.

Now, I’ll be honest: I may have been a basic bitch liberal for most of my life but I still found myself able to laugh at nigger jokes and found myself reflexively distant from non-whites. I instinctively didn’t (or didn’t want to) trust non-whites, but ZOG mind control had convinced me that I should suppress those feelings and feel guilty for them. I knew that Asians were usually fine, but the behavior of Latinos and blacks as a group taught me to at least, at a primal level, want to distance myself from them. I understand now that this is natural and completely reasonable, just as it is reasonable not to want to spend any more time around hungry jackals than one has to.

4chan’s Politically Incorrect board, /pol/, was actually a big influence on me because it was funny. They were just edgy and spergy enough for me to relate to and by God they could be pretty damn funny sometimes. That’s a big pull for the alt-right and especially TRS: we’re funny. We can take a joke. We have fun. Once you can get someone laughing you can mix in the Hate Facts™ and get them to be willing to consider something they may have previously blown off as being “racist” or “crazy” (pathologizing the enemy is one of the Jews’ most honed practices, but that’s for another article by someone more qualified than me).

I think this hurdle is one of the easier ones to get over because it’s so blatantly contradictory with human evolution. It’s just absurd to believe that human beings can evolve to be physically different, or that a single person can be more intelligent than another single person but these facts somehow cannot mean that entire groups could have different capacities for intelligence. Once you get over the hurdle that is total human egalitarianism, you can really start to dig into the reality we’re faced with.

Hurdle 2: “Multiculturalism is feasible and good, it’s just still in progress”

Once someone gets over the idea that all people are equal, they can start to dig into human differences. We all know that integration has been and will continue to be a complete disaster, at least when it comes to integrating people of radically different races. Huhwytes are mostly capable of setting aside relatively minor differences in order to cooperate, and the USA of days gone by was like this. Germans, Anglos, Franks, Irish, Scots, all sorts of white people were able to get over their particulars in just a few generations and were able to participate in modern civilization for their mutual benefit. Start mixing in some color and hoo-boy we’ve got some problems.

Crime statistics make it abundantly clear that we have a problem with minorities here in the USA: specifically, that they are here. Take non-whites out of the equation and the USA skyrocket to the top ten in, as far as I know, most rankings of standard of living. I’m not going to go into the nitty-gritty details of it. Sean Last, among others, is far more qualified for those matters. As I wrote previously, these are not evidentiary hurdles. The evidence is there, but the average good goy doesn’t care about that. They aren’t interested in it. Once someone gets over the first hurdle they can start to examine the real effects of multiculturalism and begin to see its very serious negative effects: loss of cultural pride, alienation from one’s peers, listlessness, resorting to hedonism as a substitute for actual love of one’s people, etc. The list goes on. Once someone can get over the idea that multiculturalism is good, they can begin to think “Hey, maybe segregation wasn’t so bad.” Maybe it would have been better to send the blacks back to Africa, like Lincoln wanted. The other point about this is that multiculturalism is, for practical purposes, just a way to suppress white culture and white identity, but I’ll get to that a little bit later.

Hurdle 3: Even if people aren’t equal in capacity, they’re still morally equal

Once someone can get past the lie that all people have equal capacity for achievement and that putting loads of different ethnic groups in one spot is a good thing, the next big hurdle (though the order that these are overcome are by no means set in stone) is coming to grips with the fact that some people are just shitty people. This isn’t an easy hurdle, because I think that most people would prefer that everyone were equal in capacity, especially moral capacity. That’d be a great world to live in, but it’s a fantasy world. Now, I’m a Christian, so bear with me for the next couple of sentences. Not everyone on TRS is a Christian and many are atheists, but most of us are white and are more-or-less adults so we can get over that difference and get along peacefully and productively (shout out to Simon). This hurdle is especially hard for me and other Christians. I don’t know why God made us the way He did, but the reality is clear to me that He did. We’ve got to deal with that. I’ve more or less come to grips with the fact that a mixed society with anything above 3rd world standards is not possible. Blacks, latinos, etc simply are not capable, as groups, of participation in high trust, highly civilized societies that Europeans have created. No amount of “education” or dem programs can change this. Dem programs have worked very well to create a dependent, criminal, and dysgenic underclass of blacks in the United States. No amount of time since slavery has passed will change this. Giving them more has never fixed the problem, and giving them more will not fix it. This is completely far gone territory for the average goy, of course. Once someone gets past this hurdle, we can get to what I believe is the ultimate hurdle, and the most important one.

Hurdle 4: The Jewish Question

By the time someone has become a high enough level shitlord to get to the point that they realize the segregation is the only reasonable option and that white pride and white nationalism are perfectly okay and reasonable, they’re going to ask themselves a question: What the hell happened to us? How did we get from what was effectively white nationalism of early America to where we are now? What could make a once proud people give in to degeneracy and self-hatred? I think our local Shit-Overlord Michael Enoch said it something like this on the Daily Shoah:

“Everything that we hate about modern politics, every single idea that is harmful or destructive to white, Western civilization and society is founded, supported, or paid for by Jews.”

This is the crux of everything. It’s very difficult to make any sense of the previous hurdles if one is unwilling to consider the Jewish Question. They are fundamentally different people. They are not Europeans. They do not have consistent morality. They are ethnocentric, they are wickedly intelligent, they are powerful, they want to destroy us and by golly they are damn good at what they do. The Jewish Question is simultaneously the most important and the most difficult problem to reckon with. It’s my belief that everything goes back to them, one way or another. All roads lead to Israel, so to speak. The solution to the question, I can’t say I know perfectly right now. What I do know is that the Jewish question is very real, it’s very important, and without understanding it, everything else falls apart. The average good goy has been trained from birth to turn his brain off when the topic of race comes up, but this goes double for the topic of Jewish involvement in society. This is great for the Jews because it creates a class of confused, alienated people who know something is wrong but have an overwhelming psychological block to finding out what the real problem is. Even those people they would consider "enemies" to the monolithic Dildo become their allies and are willing to cuck for Israel and support laws to suppress any investigation of Jewish... of Jewish anything, really.

As I stated previously, this is by no means a comprehensive or complete list of psychological "hurdles", so to speak, that must be overcome before an understanding of the alt-right and why we believe what we believe can be attained. These and many others are the reasons that debating leftists is not only frustrating, but essentially impossible.

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