The Trans*valuation of All Values

Bruce Jenner is now Caitlyn Jenner. The media and the world are alight with enthusiasm and admiration for a mentally ill man strutting about like an empress with no clothes. So this is it: We’ve reached the climax of this clamorous, demented kabuki theater called progressivism. Six gorillion “so braves” and “so beautifuls” are set afloat, like prayers to heaven, in anticipation of the coming Signalarity. Has the planet gone mad?

We now live in a society where mental disorders that compromise one’s grasp of reality are now celebrated and accepted… or else. Our ways of life are being coercively restructured to accommodate a small, tiny, minute, insignificant population of deranged individuals who LARP as whatever gender or fantastic creature tickles their fancy. We’re forced to accept that sex and gender aren’t biological realities, yet for a man to transition into a woman he must be pumped with hormones and anatomically restructured. What’s next? Canada, always ahead of the U.S., is now bringing attention to the community of the transdisabled. Ride the tiger? I’d rather put it down. With bullets and napalm.


This is no aberration from the progressive unfolding of history. It is its natural consequence. We’ve move beyond dildos—“crude and vulgar representations of reality”—to complete unreality. Solipsism and feels are elevated to respectable opinion, eventually law. Protagoras said man is the measure of all things. He was an old white cis-sexist shitlord. The measure now is a multi-racial transgendered panmetasexual self-amputee. We can only go up from here. Prepare you anuses for double penetration.

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It must be made so, because Fascinus says it must.