Cargo Cult Liberalism

It's been the year of SWPL-justified dindu riots, a kind of dull-witted, less interesting replay of the late 1960s without a Spiro Agnew to read the Riot Act against the barbarian hordes. At least during the 1967 Baltimore riots, white liberals could plausibly make the case that blacks were oppressed. In 2015, the city is majority black, the police force is majority non-white, the city council is majority black, the DA is black, and the mayor is black, so all the social media posturing about racism and oppression comes off as inauthentic, pathetic posturing in a way it just couldn't 50 years ago. And while we all know the truth about King now, you have to admit he was easier to present as a telegenic, heroic figure than the No Limit Nigga himself, St Skittles. I mean, we can be pretty sure no white schoolchildren in 2065 will be learning to recite anything Mike Brown wrote.

Black Lives Matter protest, sans black people.

Liberalism of 2015 has become a cargo cult. The progressives of today look back at the dramatic, history-changing actions of their forebears and imitate the form without understanding the power. Marching down the street with blacks worked back when there actually were concrete Jim Crow laws to serve as the boogeyman instead of some nebulous "white privilege," back when your typical black had married parents and actually would march with you instead of knocking you down and stealing your purse. Grandstanding about some street thug who tried to murder a cop isn't just signaling; it's obvious signaling. The Sexual Revolution worked because you actually would get in trouble for sleeping around back then, because there wasn't yet an army of scared, lonely, childless cat ladies in their late 40s serving as a visible reminder that the wages of degeneracy is death. Passionately advocating for mass immigration worked when no one knew what Latin America was really like, before the hordes of illegals turned Southern California into America's largest garbage dump. Modern liberals hear the heroic tales of their parents and grandparents, and they just want to do the same.

The truth the liberal of 2015 doesn't understand is this: There are no revolutions left for him to fight. Whether we're talking transqueermo rights, #IllRideWithYou, open borders, rape culture, or body positivity, what we're seeing is not so much the next leftward shift of the Overton Window so much as it is the next increasingly absurd attempt to rekindle the magic of the cultural revolution of the 1960s, to bring the cargo plane full of food down with as lifelike a bamboo radio tower as they can build. But they cannot revolt, because leftists aren't revolutionaries.

We are.

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