White Privilege Gets Ulbricht 160 Years?

The most insidious crime of our time- no, not Silk Road you idiot- I'm talking about the vile enterprise of Structural Whiteness and unchecked privilege. Today the former operator of the lolDeepWeb marketplace Silk Road was sentenced today by a brave womyn judge to twenty years, fifteen years, five years and two life sentences, all run consecutively without the possibility of parole. She succinctly described the charges against Ulbricht thusly:

“The stated purpose [of Silk Road] was to be beyond the law. In the world you created over time, democracy didn’t exist. You were captain of the ship, the dread Pirate Roberts. You made your own laws,”

Now ignoring the fact that democracy is complete shit and aspiring to give barbarians the vote didn't do Rome any favors, this is still a stupid way to view justice. Isn't the point of starting an anonymous online marketplace built inside of a P2P VPN network and paid for in anonymous digital currency to evade stupid laws? I gave up my NAP-time lolbertarian phase years ago but- and forgive me if I'm wrong on this- isn't that exactly what the US government does when it doesn't want to be bothered with pesky laws that prevent it from flying drones in sovereign state's airspace and killing 10 innocent people for every terrorist? Throw anonymous money at the problem through shady CIA proxy groups?

He's a big government for you
Just to be clear, my heart really bleeds for 10 currently-innocent Muslim kids with a 70% chance of growing up thinking ISIS is doing God's Work. No, really. But giving a 31 year old software developer 160 years in prison for conspiring to circumvent US law just because it was inconvenient for him at the time while riding the moral high horse of justice as you tell the world to get bent because you do what you want, when you want, is pretty much the shittiest thing ever. That's like kicking a kid in the nuts for his ice cream and then beating his ass for kicking another kid in the nuts for their ice cream.

Mind-numbing, hard-to-take-anything-you-say-seriously hypocrisy aside, the real story here is that The Narrative is starting to escape the Merchant, tumblr and community college dropout spheres. When explaining why she refused to let Ulbricht serve his disproportionate sentences concurrently, as requested by the prosecution and suggested by the jury, Judge Katherine Forrest said:

"It’s a privileged argument and it’s an argument made by one of the privileged,"


“The idea that it is harm-reducing is so narrow, and aimed at such a privileged group of people who are using drugs in the privacy of their own homes using their personal internet connections”

In other words, the fact that people weren't getting shot up in the street by niggers because they could figure out how TOR and Coinbase worked made the crime even worse. The problem as the court sees it is that here is a cis (✓), white (✓), male (✓), entrepreneur (✓) with software skills (✓) helping the majority of his cis (✓), white (✓) and male (✓) users evade buttrape in prison by containing their vices to their own home. So in the mind of the social justice minded, basically the Antichrist. Not displaying your shitty habits in full view of the world and reveling in your depravity is a grave sin against Almighty Dildolech. But defying the public orgy of Dildolech's grace while possessing privilege?

Oh you best believe that's a paddlin'
What really chafed my rumpus more than anything when I looked into this #SoBrave oppressed womyn's history is that back in 2012 she overruled the NDAA's indefinite detention clauses. What, you mean like RICO laws that let the government legally seize more than $28M in BitCoin before Ulbricht was ever even arraigned in court? In her opinion she declared them unconstitutional because facially vague laws shouldn't be applied to American citizens. Looking back she seemed to have a great deal more concern for those 10 ISIS-sympathizing "innocent" brown kids whose parents made cell phone detonators for IEDs than she does for an upper-middle class white kid whose most egregious crime according to her was circumventing the mighty and very important Democratic process.

With Obama's Choom Gang days behind him maybe he'd have been less sympathetic, but I'm willing to bet if he'd offered Hillary a cool million to give a speech at the New York public library where he was arrested he'd have fared a little better. These days, about the only way a white guy is safe from social justice is if he's either a Jew (>white), insulated by Democrats or prostrates himself before social justice to face the whims of the Dildolecherous mob.

I mean, I get serving prison time for breaking like a dozen Federal laws. I'm not going full Anarcho-Retard here. But 160 years because he argues from "a position of privilege"? Because he "defied democracy?". Get real. Obviously there were two agendas at work here: the social condemnation of a privileged shitlord and the state's desire to "make an example" of him, as US policy towards digital advances always aims to scare potential clones out of operating. As we have seen, this policy has been extremely successful in dealing with the phreaker movement, the demoscene movement, the reverse engineering movement, the file sharing scene, virus and botnet operators, IRC hacker groups, Anonymous, Bitcoin and other emerging marketplaces and technological niches. Meanwhile, as TRS's esteemed legal councilor Toilet Law will tell you, the average sentence for career Swisher Sweet liberators is half what Ulbricht would have gotten as the mandatory minimum.

The solution to change is retribution
I just hope that the US government is successful in their quest to make sure I'm safe from myself and the dangers of choices.

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