Calling All Writers! Operation: Irrational Wiki

One of the easiest ways to gain visibility and promote a political cause is to engage in a concentrated campaign against a large and widely-viewed target. It doesn't guarantee recruitment or sympathy, but bad publicity is often the best publicity. By making yourself into the primary antagonist you insure that your name is forever attached to your opponent. Try to think of Zoe Quinn without thinking of Gamergate. Try to think of the World Trade Center without thinking about 9/11. You can't because brand names stick.

The hordes of the The Right Stuff already have our target brand in mind. RationalWiki, a site that has surely been a thorn in the side of all sane people, has been polluting the internet with obnoxious political snark and a pretense to 'rationality' (which is always biased towards liberalism circa insert-current-year-here) since it first began as a really bad Encyclopedia Dramatica rip-off in 2007 . Although it primarily acts as a poor copy of the much better but equally liberal Skeptic's Dictionary, we know that the real purpose of the site is to indoctrinate the audience with SJW talking points. Any attempt to debate these rats or alter their articles will usually result in the instant ban hammer. They aren't there to argue, they're there to spread the faith and display their moral superiority.

Why waste time caring about this shitty website?

Yeah, RationalWiki is definetly a 'nobody site'

The Right Stuff has tangled with them recently. Our writers have covered their strawman Holocaust Denial article, their laughably bad Immigration article, had an interesting duel with the writer of the racism realism article and hope to keep the pressure up.

Some of the details are wrong, but we're honored by the mention.

It is for this reason that I am calling upon all writers from the Right, whether you wish Hitler won WWII or just kind of wish Romney won the presidency, whether you're an obscure monarchial neoreactionary or an Odin LARPer, to help us rip down and spit in the face of RationalWiki. There are more than enough articles to destroy, whatever the topic.

There are no special requirements, just start critiquing a RW article. If you want, link it back here in the comment section or email. We can even publish it on The Right Stuff but the goal is to get numerous sites on board. Every critique only draws more attention to the Right. Remember, the more enraged liberals become, the better it makes us look and the easier it is to win.

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For the purrrrrity of the race.