A Signal Of Equality That Will Make You Go...GAAAAAASSSS!!

The ongoing battle against the pay-gap hit a bump when a certain thigh-gap high school dyke-until-graduation made a boo-boo in her #SoBrave yearbook quote.

See if you can spot it, TRSwaggots. Put that white higher average IQ to work and see what you can see.

Do you see the POINT I'm making?

I had no idea that men made 133.33333333333 times as much money as wymynz! Feels good, man.

It's a damned good stroke of luck that this bitch is into the gash, because there's no way a man could trust her with the baking! God forbid if she had to double a recipe. Making a sandwich is usually the internet standard for wifely submission, but really, sandwiches don't require decimal points or compound fractions.

I'm guessing that this kind of Standard Calculation Fuckparty is the reason only .1488% of STEM degrees are awarded to the ladies?

At the risk of entering autism overdrive, I'm pretty sure "cent" should be plural. Dan Quayle is rolling over in his Basic Bitch Cuckservative political grave.

Gender equality really is the best, and this brave young wymmyns act of defiance and strength in the face of decimal point and grammar oppression has completely shattered my preconceived notions of electric vs. natural gas.

(When you use Natural Gas, it's like, you're ovenning them AND gassing them! GAAAAAAASSS!!!")

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